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Ever wondered what the Plenty Vaporizer looks like when it arrives?😍 . . Our very own ‘Grumpy Guy’ has unboxed the fantastic Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel today to give you a quick look!😏 [More] This is the second stream from the same day, both saying similar things, but me keeping both. And the original description said: “Here’s some thoughts from my first day using the KandyPens Crystal Atomiser”
In episode 2 of the Modern Cannabists podcast we discuss the vape cart situation and contemplate the future of cannabis vaporizers and dry herb vaping.
🇨🇦🍁 Click here to buy the Solo 2 – 🍁🇨🇦 The Arizer Solo established Arizer as a serious player in the portable vaporizer market, and the Solo 2 takes that reputation even further. [More]
Rapide vidéo pour expliquer comment utiliser le Firefly 2+ sans l’application smartphone, pour les utilisateurs d’iPhone notamment pour qui l’appli n’est plus disponible sur l’App Store depuis plusieurs mois. Petit point sur le nouvel airflow [More]
Performance out of the box
This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made. Support me on Patreon: I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Vape Carts using just terpenes. [More]
👉🏽 👉🏽Instagram : ******** ⚡Somos profesionales Vaporizador disponible para despacho inmediato, envío gratis a nivel nacional. Visita nuestra página web para ver más productos e información. SOMOS COMUNIDAD Deja tu pregunta o inquietud en [More]
Storz & Bickel released the first volcano 20 years ago and it’s quickly become a household name in the cannabis community! To celebrate the huge milestone, Storz & Bickel just released the Golden Volcano ✨ [More]