G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
TOPIC: This is a review of the AirVape XS from High Grade Hardware. This is my new favorite herbal vaporizer. The airflow on it is top notch which creates an amazing hit every time. High [More]
Our Lead Designer Jason shows you how to use your IQ2 with your favorite bubbler or water pipe (with a 10mm female) – and even how to turn your Airdial into a functional carb! #DAVINCIvaporizer [More]
This video is about how to reassemble the whip adapter made for the Pax 2 & 3. You can find this product here: www.newvape.com/pax-2-3-whip-adapter
Le Vaporisateur Crafty+ est, selon moi, le meilleur vaporisateur portable, à basses températures, pour sa restitution de saveurs inégalées, gouteuse à souhait et ce, sur plusieurs aspirations !!! Une session complète : youtu.be/HN4JJqdFS4E Problèmes, aléas [More]
www.davincitech.com/ – The IQ2 is the evolution of precision vaporization. Let’s take a deeper dive into what sets the IQ2 apart from the IQ. The IQ2 features an Air Dial that enables you to customize [More]
Boundless Technology Terp Pen – www.urbanistic.co.uk/products/terp-pen-concentrate-vaporiser Here we have the Boundless Technology Terp Pen an on-demand concentrate vaporizer in the form of a dab straw. This is a very portable and handy device to have. [More]
Hey guys today we are unboxing a PAX 2 By Ploom! Is it still the “ipod” of Vaporizers? Watch and find out, also Subscribe for more videos like this! Like the video if you liked [More]
George and Delia Put the Firefly 2 + and the Crafty + Head to head in a big plus throw down. Let’s see which device comes out on top as the best improvement.
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