👍 Read the Full Davinci MIQRO Review: www.hailmaryjane.com/vaporizers/davinci-miqro-review/ We have tested the Newest Davinci Vaporizer, the MIQRO, as its name suggest it is a striped down version of the famous Davinci IQ vaporizer. It is [More]
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Purchase the Da Vinci at: vaporizor.com/davinci-vaporizer.html The DaVinci Portable vaporizer is manufactured by Karma Classic of the USA. This is a portable device that is just so simple to use, just charge it up and [More]
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DaVinci Miqro Pocket Vaporizer Davinci made a tiny vaporizer that works better than most large format vaporizers. We took the Davinci Miqro Pocket Vaporizer for a test drive and its time to share our thoughts [More]