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A fairly expensive vaporizer for the enthusiast in you. This looks and feels next level, but it is certainly for people who can afford such a lavish vaporizer. The liquid filtration definitely makes the vapor more pleasing and that I cannot deny!


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Uwatwat says:

Meanwhile I roll up a joint using my raw 1 1/4 paper caveman style without a filter

Krusty Old smoker says:

I wonder why I never get nothing Contraband in the mail I guess my name is not on the right mailing list hehehe

Jamie relerford says:

Pretty cool keep up the videos👍🏾💯

kevin diaz says:

That's is the sickest vape I ever I would actually keep that on a shelf or some shit just cus of how cool it looks

gorelover199 says:

Yeah it's a nice piece and all… but what brand is that jacket my dude?

RLJG zr069 says:

Oh holy fuck. I need one. And when do we get your psnid?

Krusty Old smoker says:

Nah you bought that and don't want your buddies to know you bought some sissy woman's pipe hehehe

Cheryl Phelan says:

I sent mine back for a full refund. They said the heating element was defective. I couldn’t get any draw anymore.

EsotericOccultist says:

Not in my budget but it does look cool. Reminds me of a prop from a sci-fi movie.

Jamacaway T says:

Cool video dude! Looking forward to more videos.

Canna Baker says:

3:58 the excitement begins lol.

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