3 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Vape Pens to Smoke Marijuana

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Every marijuana consumer has his or her preferred way of ingesting cannabis whether is be a joint, pipe, bong, vape, or edible. Vape pens are a portable and popular way to consume marijuana, so much so that some users prefer vape pens over any other method of consumption. This form of ingesting marijuana is becoming more common among users because they look just like pens, so they’re easy to transport and use. Consumers can simply keep their pens in their pockets and vape on the go whenever they please. This simplicity and portability isn’t without a glitch though, because like every other smoking method, vape pens have both pros and cons.

First, vape pens are a favorite among users because there is no combustion. The flower or oil that is inhaled doesn’t burn, so users don’t inhale any of the toxins associated with smoking. For this reason, vaping is also healthier than smoking, because there’s no risk of inhaling tar or lighter fluid. This lack of chemicals inhaled might also be the reason why vapes pull smoother than smoking. Some vapes also allow users to control the temperature, so they can adjust if it’s too harsh. Even though these vape pens seem very simple to use, they certainly take time for users to adjust to because each battery has different features that make for an interesting high experience.

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