$40 Wax Pen vs. $135 Wax Pen

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Just a comparison video between the two latest wax pens that I received from the companies : Yocan & Linx Vapor. Both are of top notch quality at drastically difference price points. We go over the differences in this video and I hope you guys enjoy it!


Shout out to James for being in this video, and giving his opinion on the subject!

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This video is intended for people 18 years or older.

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Jame Jame says:

ATTENTION Why Come To A Good Vibe Channel Just To Be Negative And Judge Others, You Have No Place Here If That's the Case. 💯

Matt Ferraro says:

Id rather spend 35 bucks on sum bud and rolling papers

Simba Sosa says:

Yes smoke before u drive check.

nickmaxmartini says:

Anyone else smoking along

UJ Ino says:

If y'all didn't know, after the vid they got in a car crash…. 😐

Trapbaby says:

if you like elevator music you should check out "The Big O OST"

SL Creeps says:

Homie on the left high as hell😂💪

Sempxternal says:

Y’all honestly just cool af people.

Morrelo Beats says:

Genuinely love your Chanel man

1,000 subscribers with as many videos as i want says:

I aine kno dis khanell muxh but y tf yo ahh got da gey lil traxy beside yo ahh

Alejandro Perez says:

He look like my boi from don't be a menace

Fbi Fbi says:

Anyone else fried?

Ryno Art says:

They aren't wax pens u idiot. It's oil. Wax is dabs, hence why called wax cuz feels like wax.

Brett Stewart says:

Lowkey subscribed cause you actually realize that some people haven’t been subscribed since the beginning lmao

Blade Insane says:

smoking on skywalker well watching

Justin Turbo says:

you know what i’m sayin

Trevor Oberhelmqn says:

All good bro

VapingwithJan AndGoonther420 says:

I drop my vape a lot cuz i get so stoned that i leave it on my lap and get up forgetting its there

chubby says:

all u people in the comments giving your input about who he should or should not smoke out need to come out the closet cause ur lowkey gay counting another mans pockets. its his money and his weed let him do w/e the fuck he wants with it. and who the fuck is stingy with their homies anyways? where they do that at? cause out here everybody smokes eachother out whoever the fuck came up on the weed at that moment in time is gonna smoke with everybody nobody gonna just sit there and smoke in front of their homies like a lil bitch and leave the homies dry we wanna be high together. idk wassup with this new generation i grew up smoking foos out and getting smoked out daily since like middle school that was homies do. if you feel like you gotta sit there and count up how much everybody owes for weed when you just getting high you might as well not have no friends just keep your corny ass in the house and be stingy smoking by yourself clowns

Trevor Oberhelmqn says:

You let him smoke for free

Ari Trejo says:

I never herd a asian guy say black shit right next to a black guy in a car😂😂😂

Pj Serna says:

He looks like zach off 13 reason why

Devester One says:

They should turn this into a comedy show.

Carlos Toledo says:

You should just buy cartridges instead there cheaper and you don’t have to worry about puttin in the wax and shit

People Are anyoing says:

Rush our 9 teens

Bankrollgriffin says:

Back to the comments this nigga hit tf outta da first hit lmaoooo like he young boy wit dat black Nd mild😂😂

Bankrollgriffin says:

This nigga said ppl don’t see he channel Nd this would be some ppl first lmaoo jinxed my ah I came right to da comments

Cold Pizza says:

I enjoy the content. Inspiring me to do the same. Not to compete but to elevate the cannabis culture

80's Baby says:

I made some wax and it came out a very dark green and it’s killer so why did it come out that color 🤔

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