710 Life and 1st Dab off Quartz Enail

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710 Life is an enail I was sent to check out. I love the quartz nail they sent with it. The taste of the 1st. quartz enail dab I took was outrageous! Thanks to 420 Life for sharing.


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Melody Soul says:

I really appreciated this 🙂

Ms K says:

try quartz diamond knot nail its delish.

PeeEmmZee WebDeeZigns says:

710 LIFE DABBER CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. they really treated me nice when i bought it too, i called the moment i got it and they answered the phone! they stepped me through everything, i have trouble reading due to my ADHD so reading the instructions was easy for anyone, but i suffer from a problem, they had no problem in helping me. they stepped me through everything and stayed with me on the phone till i took my 1 enail dab ever!! cheers to their AFTER SALES customer support

sukekiyo6 says:

That adapter would be super sweet if you're like me and like an icy bong rip but has the dilemma of going back and forth re-filling/emptying the bong afterwards. In other words, nice adapter-combination Mary! shweet

Smoker Toker420 says:

nice vid mary love the background

Tom Barker says:

goes on easier if you heat the coil up to a higher temp then what you dab at like 800 the coil expands when heated and allows the coil to slip over the nail easier. dont leave that coil on the nail or else you may crack it when the coil contracts from cooling

JoJo Smiles says:

Sweet! LOVE the color, too!💞 I am thinking getting an enail this year. This is a front-runner now.✌💞🌱😁

J Gallo says:

i bought the same e nail one year ago. It still works great! Love it!

bassmansoundking99 says:

I have a different enail. I think its a nice change of pace to not have to time it and use a torch when stoned lol.

La Penserosa says:

Nice new set-up! If you're ever are worried about using that quartz one or want to add a quartz dish, check out MiniNail. I got my set up from them over a Black Friday sale – everything on their site is 50% off that day. They have some awesome hybrid nails that should fit your coil then you can have the sturdy ti base and a quartz dish for the good taste. Just some info from a happy customer – not trying to pitch ya anything. 😉 Great vid!

stonedtogether 420 says:

nice enail great length at 5ft! cool review mary! cheers!

Tiffany Penner says:

Love the duck!

mosteve57 says:

neither quarts or ceramic nails need to be seasoned.

Tiffany Penner says:

"Plug it in hard and deep" should be on a t-shirt! Or a t-shirt of MaryLovesGlass quotes!

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