G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
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Yesterday Ploom released an upgrade to its original design with the new compact Ploom Pax 2 with a notably smaller size plus a number of other improvements. Ryan Lawler reviews the Ploom Pax 2. Subscribe [More]
George and Delia Put the Firefly 2 + and the Crafty + Head to head in a big plus throw down. Let’s see which device comes out on top as the best improvement.
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Peppa’s Deluxe House Playset features Peppa and George in their House! The playhouse opens to reveal rooms filled with fun furniture. Come over to Peppa’s house for a playdate! Peppa Pig the hit children’s TV [More]
New Review!! Dabado Vaporizers Bolt is a Portable Enail/ Rig-on-the-Go It comes in a convenient travel foam case with: • Extra o-rings • User manual • Magnetic dabber • Magnetic carb cap • Magnetic battery [More]
Dabs reimagined. Introducing the CloudV Electro Portable Enail (including Aqua Bubbler attachment) Get yours today at www.cloudvapes.com The CloudV Electro has 2 heat settings: blue and red and a heat up time of 15 seconds. [More]