www.vaporizerblog.com/ Review for : Wispr, Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), Pax and Atmos Raw. See which vaporizer is the favorite for each of our vapebusters.
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In this video we discuss the PAX 3’s ability to vape Concentrates e.g. your shatter, wax or CO2 Oil. ISMOKE is the UK’s No.1 Cannabis Media Channel. If you like these videos, please hit that [More]
This is a review of the new Arizer II vaporizer which is manufactured in Canada by Arizer, makers of the Extreme Q, Arizer Solo, Arizer Air and now the Air 2 and Solo 2. The [More]
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Another comparison review for you today! This time, three firm favourites of Namastevapes, all top of the line models, are gonna go head to head. The Firefly is the epitome of digital control! These days [More]
How quick does the thick ass glass enail heat up? Watch to find out Let me know what temps you guys dab at Cheers
Storz Videoscope Endotracheal Intubation