A Heady Enail? – Augusthaus KubeOne – Review + Death

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I hope you enjoy my first youtube video/review! Cheers!

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Breakfast Burglar says:

@1:01 all 4 sides…? Last time I checked, a cube has 6 sides 😂 you kill me man Ily

Cory Curry says:

Damn bro you killed your first video you did great I'm more of a bong person but I love your dab videos

TheCarreros!!!! says:

Great video man for the 1st time

Ray Gonzales says:

Bro you're insane. I follow you on IG and just subscribed to your channel! I hope we can sesh one day, you seem like a real funny mofo to be around lol

nxdghnjngljfdgnljdfg says:

great video man

Fairfaxandfifth says:

How is the flavor with the Quartz enail compared to traditional Quartz? Also how hard is it to keep clean? Will turning the cleaning option make it real clean? Can you take off the coil for further cleaning? Cheers! Look forward to seeing the channel grow

Kenan105 says:

I feel as you're trying to hold it in when you know you can't XD Alg took it like a champ

Felix Lam says:

Hey nose dab guy! I like your videos. I really enjoyed this review. Could you do reviews of your glass collection? I'd love to see this channel grow like your ig page! You're badass! Keep dabbin!

Evan Hester says:

That is the coolest enail ever

Amit Elek says:

I've been following you on IG for a while.
So happy you're making full length vids now!!

Shat Prodigy says:

You're gonna hit 100,000 subs in no time man

Sync Faytal says:

that's pretty bad ass thanks for the code to. your channel is gonna grow just keep up the good work

Peyton Salazar says:

love your style man, keep with the videos and you got a lot of subscribers coming your way

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