Airis Switch 3-in-1 Vaporizer Review

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Welcome to the Airis Switch 3-in-1 Vaporizer Review from Learn more or purchase a Switch:

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Abufaza3_Gam3r says:

Legend says matt will pin my comment

Sam Fyrestarter says:

I Quit Because Of Florida's Compassionate Medical Law….I Want Weed,They Have Poisonous Extracts, Wonder If God Intended You To Smoke Gasoline

Freddytl says:

Mmmh looks pretty good

The Gay Genie From Aladdin says:

Not a bad price for what you get.

Steve Martino says:

That looks nice, thanks for the review

Corrupted Youth says:

Bro you saved me when I smoke I'm a couch potatoes but edibles dont hault my productivity

Dr Brooklyn says:

If you run this at 450 for dry herb are you then combusting? And is the rubber bottom plate absolutely necessary for function? Because I can see it growing legs during a charge cycle one day.

Juan Polla Larga Stamosa says:

Dude I squished my buds in the rosin press after just 2 weeks of curing and the flavor and aroma was 100x better and the yield was greater.

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