AirVape XS Vaporizer Review – Dry Herb Portable under $200

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My Full Review of the AirVape XS Portable Vaporizer

Read my review here:

When I say “Best Portable under $200” I’m referring specifically to battery-powered vapes that can fit in your pocket.

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valveman12 says:

Hmmmm! I have this vape and it is a good vape. For the price, they should have included the plastic case. It is an injection molded case and they are making a huge profit charging $20 for something that cost them a fraction of the price to make. Oh capitalism, gotta love it!
The Vape Critic I really enjoy your reviews. Very professional.

AndrewL says:

Just purchased this vape. I’m getting a very strong burning plastic odor that is coming from the oven and out of the vents. I’ve ran a “burn off” cycle on the max temp over 10 times. The smell has not gone away. Is this common? I bought a vaporizer to be easier on my lungs not inhale plastic fumes…

TheCutienpink6 says:

Do you recommend this one over the Air? I really value your opinion.I switched from smoking to only vaping nicotine 8 mos ago ..but I havent used a real vaporizer only that g pen which wasnt good and only got about 5 uses before it stopped working right it was horrible like smoking I never liked smoking my herb tho because of the coughing and throat irritation for 20 mins into my buz and I never smoked much so it wasnt worth having sore throat for 20 mins from smoking just to get 6 good hits maybe my favorite way to consume is thru water bong because of this… I want something that's smooth on my throat that's not pricey … The only thing that I'm wondering/worried about is the draw resistance people speak of with the air not sure if i would like that but everything else like being able to add water attachment and passthrou I'm used to having passthrou with my nicotine vapes only ones I have is tc100 coolfire which has isub tank and a stick v8 has a baby beast tank. But Neither of these I have to pull/suck on LOL tho just put up to my mouth and push and release the button… So far I was thinking the Air but this one looks easier/ smoother but lacks passthru and and and easy cleaning as air but I'm looking for longterm use which will hold up over time for the investment… Any help Guys????? would be much appreciated

bonzilla63 says:

Awesome review. You covered everything, even the tips like blow through the weed chamber to help keep it clean, etc.

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

Very good review. Very good place to vape, so we can really see the amount and thickness of the vapour. I dig this. Thanx dude. What would be interesting too, is if reviewers measured the actual temps with a pistol type temp gauge (laser?). Seems that conduction and convection together (hybrid?) is really the way to go! As long as the vapor is not too hot as it exits.

Li Yuen Marajh says:

Great review by the way answered all the questions I had very detailed

Li Yuen Marajh says:

Just got mine, I love it.. still getting use to it

mfdannydanger says:

You really need to put in some "vape hit music". The dead air is wack. Missing out on a funny bit. You're welcome.

PoliticallyAbstract says:

Just got mine.

Geoffrey Kang says:

Im debating if I should purchase this vape or the boundless cfx/cfv?
Please help me
I want a vape that is efficient and one that produces very good vapor production.

Bernie Cat says:

My neighbor and I both got one after your review. Just unboxed mine and sterilized while i rewatched your vid. What a perfect little unit. Beautiful flavor comes through and easy pull. Mine took a while to ship, because i wanted blue. They have great customer service! Thank you for the great review!

RayvinnWolf says:

Thank you for this; it was super helpful for me that I found this video. Will you be getting and reviewing the new AirVape OM? I'm enjoying your information on things!

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