An unboxing look at the APX Smoker from Pulsar Vaporizers! | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

An unboxing look at the APX Smoker from Pulsar Vaporizers!

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Find Pulsar APX Smoker Here:

As you’ll see in our Pulsar APX Smoker Kit unboxing, you don’t need a match to smoke. This handy portable electronic pipe flips the script on traditional hand pipes by enabling you to take big, robust rips of smoke in just 7 seconds with the push of a button.

It’s hard to believe the Pulsar APX Smoker kit costs under $60. The chamber is lined with high grade quartz that extracts the true flavor of dry herb, while a 100% ceramic power pad turns up the heat for dense and tasty draws. A glass mouthpiece preserves every flavor-note while cooling hits.

The Pulsar APX Smoker is small enough to hide in your hand, and powerful enough to satisfy even the most die-hard enthusiasts–all at an affordable price.

KA Persona says:

Looks like another cheapo device. So far really liking the VOLT by vitalisVapor #vitalisvapor. It's heavy duty ;] You guys should plan to stock up on the volt it sells out at the local shops near me.. probably all the college kids

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