APX Vape Review from Pulsarvaporizers.com

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Join me as I review this cool wax vape. I love the molecule design too!

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Ankle Deep says:

Loved every minute of this review!!

D C says:

Is there a vape pen that does wax, shatter, and crumble? I am still new. Thank you so much.

jaredp17 says:

why did you say you arent able to show the quartz chamber Mary???
" 5:00 " company's rule?

Positive Smash 420 says:

I absolutely loved this as well. It works amazingly well. <3 much love

JoJo Smiles says:

Ooooh. I love this one. Great review, Mary! ✌💜🌱🕯😤😅

Ben Baker says:

I really like that vape. Super clutch!

peacelovehayleigh says:

How do we order from the website? It says wholesale orders only? I'm confused Mary!


VERY COOL… I always love your videos… you make me laugh even when I don't feel good…lol..love ya Meridith

Janilla G says:

thanks for the review I saw one yesterday I have the pulsar this one I cool too

stonedtogether 420 says:

the color on the dab case is cool

Donna Nix says:

Cool ass vape

Fester Jester says:

yeah ur the reason I'm addicted to scope

Fester Jester says:

u know I'm a science guy love it

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