APX Vaporizer Review (BEST VAPE UNDER $100)

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Today we take a look at the APX vaporizer. Designed for herbs, waxes, and oils/concentrates, this is an extremely versatile vaporizer. With a price tag of only $60 USD this is an extremely affordable device for users on a budget. Its a solid middle of the line product perfect for people looking to get into vaping or for someone just looking for a high quality, portable, and easy to use vaporizer.

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G Shmoker says:

One piece of advice man. Keep it short and simple… drag too much during explanation.

Craig Jackson says:

Nice video man, thanks. Mine should arrive this Tuesday. Stoaked!

Vaping gives me a nice uplifted feeling rather than the lazy can't-be-bothered-moving hit I get from smoking.

I'm tobacco free for 4 years now! Vaping is the way forward!

Dawna Brown says:

what about hash keif in it . im trying to use it any tips for keif hash hand rub??

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