Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review – short&sweet

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Hi! We’ve got another vaporizer review for you – the Arizer Air 2! This vape is the successor of the well known and well appreciated Arizer Air, one of the best portable vaporizers ever made.

What are the differences between those two generations? How we like the Arizer Air 2? Watch our review to find out!

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Additional accessories:
1. Water Pipe Adapter 18.8 mm:
2. Water Pipe Adapter 14,5 mm:
3. Spare battery:
4. External battery charger:

Vapor quality – 9/10
Efficiency – 9,5/10
Ease of use – 10/10
Portability – 8/10
Stealth – 8/10
Battery life – 8,5/10
Additional features – Great accessories

Hi Guys, this is Mia from and today I’m gonna do a review of the #ArizerAir2 #portablevaporizer. The Arizer Air 2 is a second generation of smash-hit Arizer Air that we have discussed in one of our previous videos. The Arizer Air 2 is manufactured in Canada and once you first hold it in your hand, you can tell right away that the manufacturing quality is superb. The unit is very rugged, well-made and elegant looking. So what are the most important upgrades with the Air 2? First of all, now it has digital display and buttons that allow full-spectrum temperature control instead of 5 pre-set temperature settings, which is a major difference. The airflow is much more free-flowing, as opposed to quite restricted airflow with the first generation of this vaporizer. So there’s no more “thick milkshake through the straw” feeling, which was one of the biggest complaints about the first generation of the Arizer Air. The battery has been upgraded, too – now it holds 50% more juice. The heating element is more powerful as well, which enables shorter heat-up time and better vapor production. So overall, there are many improvements that make using the Arizer Air 2 even more user-friendly and pleasurable. Besides those improvements, the Arizer Air 2 has all the features that Arizer fans loved the first Arizer Air for. Since the #herb chamber is located in a tip of the glass mouthpiece the vapor path is all-glass, what results in an incredibly pure and flavourful #vapor. The herb chamber is small and holds roughly 0.1-0.15 grams of herbal material. From such a small amount you get nice and long, 10 to 15 minutes session. The potency is great, too – one chamber can get you seriously baked. So the Arizer Air 2 is extremely efficient and herb-conserving, you’ll be amazed how much you can save! The Arizer Air 2 is even easier to use and more intuitive than its’ predecessor so even if you’re a total beginner in the world of #vaporization, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The Arizer Air 2 utilizes user-replaceable 18650 battery, which is another cool feature of this vaporizer – you can grab a spare battery and swap them on the go, which is very handy. The battery holds enough juice for me around 75 minutes of continuous operation, so it allows many sessions before it dies. If battery dies you can either swap the battery for a charged one or plug a charger or powerbank into the micro-USB port, which by the way is another improvement implemented in the Arizer Air 2. You can use it while charging as well, which is well appreciated. Ok, so what are the downsides of the Arizer Air 2? Even though it heats up faster that the first Arizer Air, I’d like it to be ready to use in 20-30 seconds, as many other #vaporizers these days are. Also, it would be nice if the Air 2 would have vibration alerts, but unfortunately it does not. As with all Arizer portables, you have to be careful with the glass stems as they’re quite easy to break. Besides those minor complaints, the Arizer Air 2 is a great #vaporizer that has been improved on many fields. It’s almost perfect and I highly recommend it to you! So go and get your Arizer Air 2 today!

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