Arizer Air II \\ Solo II Review & Comparison

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The Arizer Air 2 vs the Arizer Solo 2! These two glorious dry herb vapes are new in 2017. Big upgrades from the originals.

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Kareca Avel says:

Hey Trow How u doin? never tried an ariZer device but i liked your comparison to the crafty mighty strain taste and i got curious, i can taste the differences on my IQ and my EVO but my crafty needs some repair that im constantly postponing, crafty is a really good device but i feel your thoughts mate. now im just waiting to find someone that owns a Arizer to try it… good work bro!!!

Harry Cecan says:

Another great video. Keep up the great job you're doing. I've learned a lot from your videos.

Hans Kanns says:

Do more uploads please, i like the channel more than every other vape related channel.

Also do a BBQ – Vap show. Be stoned and eat what you cook.
That would be fun.

A Howard says:

Hey Troy, is that pink grinder an ID superweapon II? If so what's it like? Looking to replace my ancient and totally battered space case..

list meister says:

Shared with everyone I don’t love 🤪

Luke Holding says:

Me love you long time

Dark Rain says:

heeeeeaaaaaaaay, Watch 420 Vapezone everyday!!!!!!!!

Me Me says:

Hey man, just wanted to say i've been watching all your videos and they're just the right mix of informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

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