Arizer Air Quickstart Guide | How To Use Your Arizer Air Vaporizer

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How to use the Arizer Air Vaporizer | Planet of the Vapes

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Video transcript:
This is the Planet of the Vapes Arizer Air quickstart guide, where we show you how to get the most out of your session.

In the box, you’ll find your Arizer Air vaporizer, two glass stems with silicone caps, a glass aroma dish, battery, charger, a silicone heat sleeve, carrying case, some botanicals, and if you order from Planet of the Vapes, you also get a four piece grinder and tight vac storage container.

Charge your air fully before you use it. This could take up to four and half hours the first time. The lower LED will glow red when it needs charging, blink green while it’s charging, and will turn solid green when it’s fully charged.

For the most even, full extraction, bring your herbs to a medium to coarse grind. Any standard four piece grinder should do a good job.

Scoop your herbs into the bowl, and tamp them down to about 1 millimeter below the edge. If you leave a little more room, you may be able to get a more even extraction. Insert the stem upside down so you don’t spill any of the herbs.

If you want to open the airflow, you can pull the stem slightly out from the Air.

The controls on the air are simple. To turn it on, hold both buttons together until you hear a beep. Use the up and down arrows to select the temperature, displayed on the top light, and the air will begin heating up.

The Air has five temperatures to select from, ranging from 356° F, or 180° C, to 410° F, or 210° C. We recommend starting out on green, or 392° F, for the first session. The bottom light will blink blue while it’s heating, and will turn solid blue when it’s ready.

Take long, slow draws, about ten seconds or more. If it feels restrictive, or hard to draw, slow down and draw slower, or lift the stem a bit off the oven for more airflow. Let the air dictate your draw speed, and you’ll have a better session.

While the air is still warm, empty out the stem, and brush out the inside. If you clean it after each session, you’ll save yourself deep cleaning time down the road.

The air has a swappable battery, so you can keep vaping as long as you have charged batteries ready to go. Unscrew the bottom cap, it has a lot of threads so be patient. Remove the battery and insert a fresh one positive end first. Screw the cap back on and you’re in business.

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