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TVape takes you through the setup and operation of the Arizer Air and shows how to get the most from this awesome portable vaporizer. Read on to learn more!

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Air Vaporizer 0:06
Accessories 0:23
Preparation 0:40
Get Started 1:05
Temperature 1:39
Features 3:18
Key Advantage 4:04

The Arizer Air is a powerful and effective portable vaporizer. The TVape tutorial video shows viewers how to operate and take care of the Arizer Air in order to get the best vapor production and keep it in tip-top shape. Check out this tutorial video and feel free to leave a comment if you have any other tips!

To learn more about the Arizer Air, check out the product page here:

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Tori Heart says:

Do I leave the plastic cover on when I sterilize it? I feel like its gonna melt.

Chester Copperpot says:

Going on 2 years with this vape. Highly recommend, no issues, batteries are cheap.

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