Arizer Extreme Q – $150 Desktop Dry Herb Vape

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I’ve re-edited my review video. The original video was only on youtube for 40 days before it was deleted. Lets hope this one can stay up a little bit longer.
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Harold Barreto says:

Wen you talk for de haze 4 chambers good day

Shane Rose says:

I so need commentary from little corner high Troy about what big screen Troy is doing !!!

Alex Hernandez says:

Legit my favorite video of yours so far I laughed so much AND I wanna pick one up lol

Jeff Walenta says:

Happy new year Troy.

John Cocktostone says:

I've owned one a few years and tbh…i like it better than volcano

WickedWonder1979 says:

Lol at pillows of happiness! May you have the best new year!

C Elliott says:

The best way 2 use the EQ is with the Ddave adapter set @ 410F. Use a rimmed or rimless basket in the Ddave wand. And hit it dry or through a water piece. Very efficient that way

Mich5ael says:

funny shit man!! "its still tasty"

Vape Blows says:

It's effeincy leaves a lot to be desired but it's easily fixed with a DDAVE mod. With that mod I get huge clouds and my abv is DARK brown like it should be. I love ur vids troy! Love ur mods DDAVE!

Paul says:

Is it just me or did you try to fasten parts of the video where you don´t talk? Like 5:42 when you reach your arm for the bag. As much as I like your decent editing, I think this is quite irritating

P2Feener 305 says:

Lol you’re a funny guy….well I’ve been looking for an alternative to the volcano and I was interested in this….but…I see the value in the volcano now….thanks for the review.

Politically Correct Individual says:

whaddup troy

Tony Rice says:

Definitely a great desktop vape.

Captain Richard Sensi-ble says:

Hi mate!! I've just ordered this for 130$ on offer from Arizer themselves, can't wait!! Love your review! Here's to a fruitful 2019 🍻✌🇬🇧

Your average human says:

Man, youre so underappreciated! I hope your channel blows up! I enjoy every one of your vids.

Pol Pot says:

Are you going to buy and test a G43 ?

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