Arizer Extreme Q Review – similar to Volcano vaporizer

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The Arizer EQ is a desktop weed vape that uses bags or whips. It’s only 170 and has been a proven product over the years.

Ddave mods available here:

Action Boys LP says:

Greetz from Germany, i love your vids and sense of humor. Got mine EQ since beginning of 2012, but switched to the Air over a year now^^

Nicholas Petris says:

You're consistently funny, Troy ! Keep up that great energy and refinement. Cheerio, good chap!

Marcus Hudson says:

yesss! ive been wanting to see this from yah.. i wanna get this one asap.. next to a water adapter for my davinci iq. thumbs up as always, love ur vids man. peace and positive vibes👌

Shane Sands says:

I love my EQ as well. Thanks for the videos!

IAskForNames says:

Thumbs up for the 24h blooper xD I hope you're alright?

spancaster2 says:

Hilarious review bro really interesting too I didn't consider this vape because of the poor reviews but the mods look like they help a lot.

MooliX says:

I was expecting a review of the new Boundless Tera…

Hans Kanns says:

Pure Troy Video gold.
Troy in the corner: "Its still tasty", interrupts Troy in the front.
Sooo funny dude.

Buds of War says:

i very nearly bought this as the price was unbelievable but then i remembered what i'm like with glass parts so i opted for the vapirrise2.0. It initially cost more but i'm not replacing glass every payday or breaking glass at the wrong moment. Everytime i drop the rise's herb chamber i think that could've been another piece of glass.

Bradley Marais says:

Awesome review! Pillow of happiness!!

PureRageRS says:

Helllll yeah. The EQ is wonderful. I love hitting it through water. Great vids, keep up the great work

Christopher says:

where did you get the mod?

Undeadfrog1 says:

great review troy it was cool to see you in tvc's stream chat tonight

Dark Rain says:

Good review Troy. Are you getting the Boundless Tera vape?

LB says:

Fuck yeah Troy , it’s time to revisit a classic

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