Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Revew

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Bentis Comprakriev says:

The Airizer Extreme Q is a poor man’s volcano. Having both, I can say that the airizer heating element is about 1/4 the size of the volcano’s. You get what you pay for. The airizer works well with very small amounts of dry herb, but it quickly gets bogged down by larger amounts. I don’t know why they sell this with bags because the fan is not powerful enough to inflate them. It only works with the whip where you can ‘boost’ the fan by drawing on it with your own lungs.
The quality doesn’t impress me, I expect this unit will fail in a couple years. The volcano has excellent warranty service, I don’t know how it is with this one but time will tell. It seems like its been made to be thrown out when it breaks instead of repaired.

SantisandKisin says:

how do you know when material turned brown and you should change it pls?

SantisandKisin says:

can it vape wax/dubs?

iTz Sassi says:

Does it get you high?

OperatorBehaviour says:

This is the best review i have seen,  cant wait to get mine in the mail!

Neceros says:

Nice review. Can't wait to get mine. Got it off ebay with an authorize seller for a good price.

Rob02150 says:

Any recommended temp?

Vaporizers Reviewed says:

I will give that a shot Heavy!

heavyharpoon89 says:

For denser clouds, try sucking herb into the elbow thimble screens, making sure the herb is not to packed, hit away and be amazed. I use my extreme q with a short piece of 7th floor tubing and another ground glass adapter plugged into a bubbler, very happy with my setup.

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