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Full review of the dual purpose Arizer Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer. This Extreme-Q Review includes features, how-to-use, vape session with both whip/bag options, pros/cons and best place to buy.

Full Arizer Extreme-Q review –
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noname lastname says:

that was a really informative video, if I can just make one suggestion, try to slow down when you deliver information, some of us are really slow, I had to rewind a few times, im tired thats why, overall really informative and exactly what I was looking for thanks a lot.

breandanc says:

Nice job! Best video on the Arizer that I've seen

greenbag says:

Get the Arizer Tuff Bowl

Christian Reyes says:

Got mine for $70 on Craigslist basically brand new it came with almost everything wrapped still, at first I thought it was broken because I didn't let it warm up all the way before I started taking hit. Worth the money

Olivia Hart says:

Just got mine and it's WONDERFUL. I THINK I like the whip better because it looks more lady like than the bag hahahah but they both produce good vapor and the aroma cup works EXCELLENTLY. I put lavender leaves in the bowl with a few drops of oil and it deodorizes the room. All u have to do is turn the fan on low and it permeated half of my house.

JUST REMEMBER to slide the battery out of the remote and take the plastic covering off of the battery and reinsert it.

I give this an A minus because the price was the same as most lower end portables and it has dual functions. The minus comes it because the balloon doesnt have a valve to trap the vapor in.


Does this give more vapor than the portable Arizer Air? and is this true convection like the Volcano but more than the Arizer Air?

Aaron Staley says:

Excellent review, very professional.

TheBobwatermellon says:

i have a friend who has a volcano the valve for the bags does not work as well as people think you still need a finger over the hole

godisall1222 says:

just got mine today

ldb says:

Do you wait until it's heated to use the fan

Francis Drake says:

Just bought the Extreme Q and your video was so much more helpful than the booklet which came with the device.

Jason Cordeiro says:

excellent and helpful video, brother!

Maxemus Meridius says:

Are you trying to start a sunglasses war with that other dude?

Jacob Cote says:

What does the fan do?

Eric Cryderman says:

excellent video very informative

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