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Arizer Go
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Arizer Solo 2
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Arizer Air 2
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Arizer Bubble Straw
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Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 Glass Adapter
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Arizer Solo 2 Black Stem
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The Arizer Go (ArGo) is Arizer’s first ultra portable vaporizer. This convection/conduction hybrid weighs in at only 97g, and the body conveniently pops up to protect the glass mouthpiece through a clever design. It features a removable battery, pass through charging, single degree temperature adjustment, and the ability to use while charging. Arizer is know for their ease of use and quality devices, and the ArGo certainly fulfills those high expectations with it’s simple to master function and (almost) maintenance free operation. But how does it compare to it’s larger siblings? Is the extra cost worth the added portability? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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Advertisement and link for Arizer ArGo at

Hugh says:

i just broke my solo so going for this one, they should have done a cap for the glass bit like silicone cap even attached to case like solo

XtreemeUser says:

Dream Theater in the background again… man you are a genius.

Sandip Singh says:

Do you ship to Israel?

samz1069 says:

Love the Store! Fast shipping got shipping notice 10 minutes after I ordered! Great the point✌️

Vapor Barato says:

The quality of your videos is outstanding!
Really an inspiration for me.
And, a great nose! lol
Thanks man.

Yoyo Mar says:

Hello sneaky, I'm French and I very like your video, thinks a lot for quality, conseil….

Luca Kush says:

which of the arizer family has the best taste ? can you tell? best regards.

Marlx says:

Is it more or less efficient than the Mighty Vaporizer?
Which One do you like more?

Max Thrust says:

vaping my solo while watching this, keep having to double check that it hasn't turned off each time I hear a beep from the video πŸ˜›

Eva D'Struction says:

Great jams in the background! I like how you got that one exciting change to time just right.

ptg25 says:

Subscriber from the UK here. Love your videos especially vape talk. Keep them coming!

Δ€ris PlΕ«Δ£is says:

Arizer Solo was my first ever vape πŸ™‚ miss those stem things and whole process of Arizer vaping experience. i guess i will go with Solo2. i will use it at home anywayz. nothing better than OmniVap when on a go. or GrassHopper when extra stealth needed.

Carlos Coto says:

Hey man, big fan of your channel. I bought a Vapcap M off your recommendation, it's amazing. Its possible to get some big rips off that thing without combusting.
Would an Arizer Solo be a good upgrade somewhere down the line?

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