Arizer Go (ArGo) Vaporizer Review- BEAST Vaporizer for Dry Herb

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[Video Transcript]
Whats up everyone, today we have the all-new Arizer Go Dry Herb Vaporizer, ArGo stands for Arizer Go.

The Arizer ArGo is a portable convection vaporizer for dry herb, and its release was a bit of a surprise to me. Arizer just updated their whole portable line- and just released the Arizer Air 2, Then the Solo 2, And now the ArGo, which is the smallest, most portable out of the three.

Arizer Go review, Let’s jump right in!

The ArGo is super small and discreet. It is smaller than the size of my palm, and will easily fit in a pocket or purse.
The top of ArGo can be extended out to protect the mouthpiece while not is use, or pressed in to expose the mouthpiece.

One feature that I really like about Arizer products is the glass stems. So the ArGo, just like the Air 2 and Solo 2, have this glass stem that is used as the mouthpiece, and also that’s where you load your material. The bottom of the stem has a little cup with a glass screen, and right there is where I’ll load the dry herb. Directly into the mouthpiece and then insert that into the oven. There are two reasons why I love this design-
1. It’s super easy to clean. After a session, just pop it out, drop the used herb, and that’s it. All you will ever need to clean is the glass stem, which is also easily replaceable. So the vape never really gets dirty. Everything stays in the glass stem.
2. The all-glass air path and mouthpiece does an amazing job in preserving the pure flavor of your buds – the vapor quality out of these things is top notch. Especially VS vapes that have silicone or plastic in the air path. Glass is always preferred.

The Arizer Go is powered by a rechargeable high capacity battery, that can be charged while inside the device or with an external changer. It takes around 3 hours for the battery to fully charge while inside the device. The ArGo can also be used while plugged in and will show an icon to indicate that is running on plug-in power.

The battery can easily be swapped by opening the little latch at the bottom and popping in a new battery in.

The interface includes three buttons- up down and menu. We’ll go over the interface shortly.

How to use- Load dry herb into the glass stem. You can just dip the stem in a jar, or your grinder. Give it a gentle tap to make sure that it’s packed nice and full. Don’t pack it tight, so air can still travel through your herb. What I do I pack it gently, tap, and leave a little space at the bottom.
Arizer includes two stems and two silicon caps for them, so you can fill them out in advance and close it up until it’s go time. Obviously, you can purchase more of those from Arizer or on Amazon.

Make sure the top is pushed down and insert a loaded stem into the vape.

Much similar to other Arizer products, the ArGo’s interface includes three buttons- up, down, and menu. To turn the vape on, press and hold the up and menu buttons together. The vape will display a countdown on the screen for a few seconds and then beep, greet you with a smiley face, and turn on. Press the + button to start heating up.

Now you can set the temperature using the up and down buttons, the range is 112F-428F (50C-220C), and you can set the Arizer for an exact temperature with 1-degree increments.

You can also enter the menu, where you can change- audio feedback signals, auto shut off time, Switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit, change screen brightness, and also change the turn-on counter duration.

Once the temperature is reached, the Arizer will beep, letting you know it’s time to vape. Take a slow and steady inhale through the glass tube.

I found that I got the best results when keeping the temperature between 390F to 400F. The vapor in that range was outstanding. Large clouds, super flavorful, again, much like Arizer’s previous products. On average I was able to get 4-6 really good draws during every session. The ArGo has great airflow and low draw resistance, meaning it’s easy to pull from.

I’d say that the ArGo is similar in use and performance to the Solo 2 and the Air 2. With that said, it is not similar in size. Both the Air 2 and Solo 2 are amazing vaporizers but are not so comfortable for true on the go use. Both are larger and less portable than the ArGo.
The Solo 2 is currently my favorite in-home vaporizer. The battery life is insane, super quick heat up, and just overall amazing performance. But it is not so portable.

Bottom line-
The ArGo follows Arizer’s legendary reputation and is a welcomed addition to their lineup. If you vape mostly at home, I’d say go for the Solo 2. You’ll enjoy the quick heat up and long battery life. But, if you mostly vape out of the house, the ArGo should be one of your top choices.

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