Arizer Solo 2 Full Session

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Gavin McInnes says:

do you have to stir it? i really dont want to every time, or at all for that matter

Jim Davis says:

Does the adapter you use to hook up the Solo 2 come with the D020-D 9 Inches bubbler glass bong water percolator smoking pipe two functions? Is that the model you are using? Thanks

Addison Tharpe says:

I actually didn’t need to get an adapter.

MynameisKyle99 says:

Damn dude , how hard is it to pull the vapour through the bong? Seems like the draw resistance is crazy lol

Caleb Chavez says:

have u ever tried the crafty/mighty Mann???

thatonefoofrumlongbe says:

Yo dude great video. I vaped to your vid. anyways can you tell me if that bong piece makes a difference in how messed up you get? any links to get that bong. I ordered my arizer today. You got me hyped

Claudio Peña says:

amigo cómo se llama el accesorio de agua completo ? gracias !

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