Arizer Solo 2 Quickstart User Guide | How To Use Your Solo 2 Vaporizer | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo 2 Quickstart User Guide | How To Use Your Solo 2 Vaporizer

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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Quickstart User Guide | Planet of the Vapes
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This is the planet of the vapes Arizer Solo 2 quickstart guide, where we show you how to get the best results on your first session. In your box you’ll find the solo 2, glass stems, replacement screens, potpourri dish, silicone capes, stirring tool, belt-clip carrying case, charger, sample aromatics, and if you buy your solo 2 from Planet of the Vapes, a four-piece grinder and storage container.

We recommend charging the battery fully before first use, this could take up to 4.5 hours the first time around. The battery icon will appear, and will be full when it’s completely charged

Use the included grinder for a medium to coarse grind with chunkier bits, so it won’t get stuck in the screen. Lightly tamp down your materials so there’s about a 1mm gap between the top of the stem, and the top of the herbs.

Turn the solo 2 upside down, then load the glass stem in. If you find the airflow is a little too restrictive, you can pull out on the glass stem a little bit. Hold down the center, and up or down buttons, to turn on the solo 2. You can use the up and down buttons to change the temperature by one degree. We recommend starting out around 390 F.

The solo 2 only takes about 30 seconds to heat up. The solo 2 performs best when you take your time, with long slow draws of ten seconds or more.

When you’re done vaping, hold the power button for five seconds to turn the device off. You should clean out the glass stem and bowl immediately, so there’s no leftover residue, which will save you cleaning time down the road.

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