Arizer Solo 2 vs Davinci IQ Vape Review

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The new Arizer Solo 2 gets paired up against the most popular portable vaporizer in the world the Davinci IQ! This is a battle of the titans! The reliable and powerful Solo II made in Canada by Arizer famous for the Solo and Air vaporizers as well as the Extreme Q up against the IQ which is one of the most advanced vaporizers incorporating amazing technology, materials and with incredible performance. The Solo II features full digital temperate controls with a long lasting battery and super efficient performance. The Solo II is extremely solid and durable, although not as portable due to the glass stems. The Davinci IQ on the other hand is the definition of stealth and portability. The IQ features a ceramic heating chamber with a zirconium vapor pathway. The IQ takes interchangeable 18650 e-cig batteries and also offers USB charging which is much more convenient in comparison with the DC charger needed for the Solo II. In this video we will compare size, style, performance, vapor production and flavor. The Davinci IQ wins in all areas except flavor. The Solo II produces amazing flavor and is actually more efficient than the IQ but the IQ provides superior vapor production and is a lot more convenient and portable for on the go use.

Josh Chung says:

if 9-5 jobs were a person, he would look like this dude

Richard Annor says:

Any glass spaces coming

FreedomTaskForce says:

Nameste, if you mod the stem you will pull more powerful hits. i put a video link in here somewhere telling and showing what to do. less airflow=less vapor production

arthurnelson says:

I own the Arizer Air. Is the solo 2 a better vaporizer than the Air or basically the same on performance. Is the solo 2 significantly better than the air to have both?

alexandermark1 says:

thank you ,great video,but think solo wins it for me,thanx


great review as always.

G. Sandieg says:

Thank you Sir!

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