Arizer Solo Battery Replacement

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Nothing electrical lasts forever, and today’s batteries are no exception. The Arizer Solo is a great vaporizer, but eventually its batteries will die. Luckily, Arizer designed its products very well, and its super easy to swap out the battery.

Kolin Mademe says:

Note to myself: DO NOT smoke before attempting.

Petr Korolev says:

Are they parallel connected?

Prem Lee Barbosa says:

You don't seem to mention in the video the very important query as to where you acquired the battery!

apples says:

Literally had to try 8 different screwdrivers. Found one that works but it still strips the screws. Should've made them regular sized just sayin'

William Kelley says:

Very well said.  Some links for some sites people can go to from the replacement battery.

YouTuber says:

Where do you get the new battery?

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