Arizer Solo + Pinnacle Water Tool (Vapor Bong)

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Hoosier Drones says:

Come on now with the junk scratching right close in frame

Hoosier Drones says:

I don’t have to blow my nose a lot. That’s different

mickmon says:

Ye definitely don’t smoke Cotten wool tho

joseph macias says:

Informative, funny and ball scratching gross not to mention the old burger….lmao

Jeremy Hall says:

Nice room looks like you're in a Juvenile detention center

Duncan Miller says:

buddy rips the fattest cloud at 1:52

Onlyrealmusic4life says:

Is the arizer really only 130? My friend got one for like $80 through a deal but he said he thought they were around $300

carlo jimbeamo says:

you scruffy twat

steven b says:

YOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bro, seriously! What the fuck!!!! I made the mistake of watching this while pretty far gone and you're like a bumbling fucking idiot. You seriously ruined my high and I fucking hate you. I am so high that I am going to seriously bitch at you right now. DID YOU JUST FUCKING SNEEZE YOUR FUCKING SHITOMIC NASTY ASS GERM FUCKING SNOT ROCKETS ALL OVER LIKE ITS NOTHING? Fuck you man. Go clean your shit up. Fucking hamburger all out and shit, fuck you man. You make us all look fucking bad and the fact that you posted this shit… man fuck you.

pytta says:

What's wrong with your bed?

FeTuS_TV says:

Haha that ending, he legit just smoked a q-tip

Brandon says:

when the planet vape glass gets residue in it. just simmer the glass on the stove in some milk. the oil comes right out. then mix oil into simmered milk and mix in hot chocolate mix. 👌

Jamie mc says:

Dude!.. you sneezed all over me!

Slespoon says:

Damn man.. Just sitting around in your boxer shorts with food all around you vaping weed.

Geoffrey Taylor says:

You are smoking the Q-tip? Shittin' me dude? At least vape the cotton, don't combust it- even into a water tool it's not good to inhale cotton. And no one wants to see you scratch your junk so close the tip could have hit the camera. Good thing this isn't smellovision

Bat Man says:

nice set up. but you are one gross mother fucker. WTF you just killed the health part and smoked the fucking Qtip… WTF use it to clean your nose while youre at it!

whatsavailaible says:

Yo my man thanks so much for this excellent video. Based on this I now have a Gong (non shorty, non turbo) and a replica pinnacle water tool ($27 with shipping on ebay! I'm broke… Holds less water tho, so I refrigerate it for 5mins b4 sesh).

Hits are beyond neat, and hold no temperature.

Definitely see a problem in cleaning out packs though, so at the 12" mark when the solo shuts, I remove the lowermost layer of bud (about 15-20% of the total bud. This portion will have turned black because its been touching the heating unit directly & then i stir the remainder of the bud rigorously) while the unit turns on again. I re-vape and round 2 has a much mellow taste, and my packs usually empty out around the 15-20" mark. Enjoy folks

M1981A says:

My solo also makes me cough. Maybe I'll buy the pinnacle water tool it looks nice,

kai kubota says:

No wonder you cough, 5 or 6 is hot as hell

MThomasAudio says:

I wonder how long the cheese burger has been sitting there haha @ 6:20

Ray Ray says:

I like how he scratches his balls right in front of the cam

Robert Butterton says:

good video bro

Richard Powell says:

How do you know what water level to put it at?

MrIOoper says:

Watching this guy makes me glad that I don't smoke anymore

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