Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

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The Vape Critic says:


SAVAGE _ O.G says:

Still my fav get massive good tasting clouds

Joe & Wendy Anthony says:

What's the best way to do hash ?

Addison Tharpe says:

5yrs later solo 2

Pavel Vodnar says:

its not portable

S.A K. says:

love my solo,can't wait to get home from work every day

Friend Man says:

This was the review that made me get a Solo 3 years ago, I used it every day and it still works like the day I got it. Always make sure the battery is completely dead before charging and it lasts forever. I dropped it on concrete on a corner and it didn't even dent. I got a Plenty today so it's gone into hibernation for a while but I don't hesitate to recommend the Solo highly if you're thinking of getting one

Save your AVB and stem gunk

Lee Scott says:

I'm basically a new smoker, I'd like a really good unit eventhough I don't plan on smoking more than 2x a week. Portability is not an issue. I was going to go with the FM v5 0s Pro Mini, or the Solo, or the Air. Which would you pick.

Lucas Rocha says:

I'm smoking on mine for the first time. So far I loved it.

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thanks. You impress me as being somebody who's being honest, and as somebody who knows what he's talking about––not bullshitting.

Friend Man says:

This vape changed my life. Tobacco can fuck right off

Ihaveausernametoo says:

Fantastic reviews. Though I've only heard of people saying you can use it while charging, also says on their webpage.

TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

just got the solo you need to heat the unit up so the glass stems fit correct

TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

just got the solo you need to heat the unit up so the glass stems fit correct

TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

just got the solo you need to heat the unit up so the glass stems fit correct

pitbrand says:

I have Tool – Lost Keys playing when I hit play on this, and it works.

UltimateEnd0 says:

This is a truly legendary portable vape. It's a cheap, durable, clean tasting vape that produces consistent, thick vapor clouds for years.

JoshTheBoss says:

Can you do oils with this, with a hack perhaps??

bijan2 says:

Do they sell glass stems with bigger bowls than the one showed there? Also do they have like a accessory where you can smoke wax from your Arizer Solo?

Grayson Elder says:

I hear pax is best for sleekness and portability, but solo is best as for as vape quality. Would you agree?

UrAverageDude1 says:

Does it leave a smell in rooms after use? I'm trying to buy so I can vape indoors

kuhlurz Rosario says:

Are you gonna do an Arizer Air Video ?

mclovin9151 says:


Kirill X says:

Is the  vape smell stronger that mflb?Thinking this for indoors, but being discrete is important.

Dorian Stark says:

Is this better than the pax? 

LulzRoyce says:

If any of you are having charging issues, just simple unscrew the four screws at the bottom of the unit, and slide the panel out, unclick the battery case and then disconnect and simply reconnect the battery, its as easy as pulling the connecting wires apart and then snap back together and it will charge! Fixed my problem instantly!

antofoshox17 says:

You have a strong Chicago accent. Are you from Chicago?

CBLHouseOfFun says:

Can you use this for hash or wax?

Ana Aguilera says:

What kind of grind works best? Whats your recommendation? Thank You!

Wilt Williams says:

Ascent or the Solo ? What do you think is the best portable vaporizer who you can carry in your pants?

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