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A full review of the Solo portable vaporizer by Arizer.
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Video review includes: Features, how-to-use, vape session, pros/cons and best place to buy.

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Simon m says:

are u reading on ur glasses?

Christopher Ashley-Smith says:

Trying to decide if it's worth it to spend the extra on the air.

Diddy says:

Great review, thanks man.

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thanks for the video, man. To help you, if you care to mess with the video: You show an apostrophe before the last s in the words PROS and CONS, but there's not supposed to be that mark there when what is meant is that the word it's in is plural. Not a criticism there, but only meant to help you look better if you care about that. I enjoyed the video a lot, and I think I'm going to buy one of these beauties.

jelen319 says:

hey im considering getting the arizer air or the pax2. would you be able to share your thoughts on which one may be the right buy?
i would like to take it out once every 1/2 weeks and have a sesh with around 4 of us. we would normally smoke 1-2g via joints.

thanks for doing the videos. you easily have the best vape reviews on yt.

Tech - Troubleshoot says:

EricCartmen don't fuck me!

bijan2 says:

Do they sell glass stems with bigger bowls than the one showed there? Also do they have like a accessory where you can smoke wax from your Arizer Solo?

apearl420 says:

i like heat set at 6 or 7…

Mike Youtube says:

You look like Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Good review though.

G Henrickson says:

This was really a good review. Concise and to the point. Thanks!

Giuliano Mango says:

What the ferk is up  with the god damn sunglasses..?

shueywho says:

Very helpful review. Thank you.

LulzRoyce says:

One more thing, dont pack this vape tightly. It's a convection style vaporizer and needs airflow to be able to vaporizer properly. Plus, with the hard-draw packing it tight will only impede airlfow even more. Tight packings only work for conduction vapes. You can just scoop up the ground bud with the glass piece and tap the side a little, don't pat it down at all. Put the glass piece into the unit upside down so bud doesnt fall out before turning it on, then turn it on with it loaded. This way, the glass heats up too so your first draw isn't super weak. Don't worry about your bud falling anywhere, once in the chamber it's fully closed by the metallic base of the chamber. Just don't forget to take the stem out upside as well.

LulzRoyce says:

Damn man did you run yours through the kitchen sink grinder it's all beat up and scratched lol

Also, you should buy some funkier glasses and have some fun with it. The ones you got are so boring :

Pam Cooper says:

I just got mine this week and believe I am going to convert quite nicely. Very simple, effective concept.  As with anything, most of us resist change and getting accustom to a new method–prepping, intake, storage, travel and disposal requires some rethinking, but, it is so much cleaner than ashes and roaches, no pipes to clean either . . . It's also easier to clean and seems to be easier on the lungs–but too soon to tell.  I haven't decided if it uses more, less, or the same amount yet and the end results are seem to be about the same–but again–a little different.  I've been keeping the baked vape, but haven't decided yet what to do with it–brownies maybe?  It is a little different, but I honestly think I can override the tradition and habits of 40+ years with minimal anxiety.

I paid $128 for a new one on ebay and it arrived in less than a week.   

Mewtwo420 says:

i love mine!

Camaro 13 says:

Hey nice review, I will probably be buying a solo soon. One thing I heard that fixes the fit for the glass mouthpiece is to unscrew the top and push it down a bit. I also heard you can buy rings for it, anyone know what the best way is?

Fruition says:

Does the vapour escape when youre not using it? I have the magic flight and Im able to stop the flow by taking my palm off of the battery obviously, does the unit only actually heat the herb when youre drawing from it?

1LitreofCola says:

Should I completely drain the battery before recharging it? or can I put it on the charger whenever I want with out negatively effecting the battery life?

zaaaggy says:

so i am able to purchase the 2012 model for 100 dollars only and i was wondering is there any difference between the 2012 and the 2014 model besides being able to charge it while vaping?

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