Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review, Tips & Demo Vape Session

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My old lady & I were discussing our new Arizer Solo vaporizer (model M107) and recorded this video for fun. If you are considering purchasing this wonderful vaporizer but needed more info about it or had questions about it please watch this video. This is the first vaporizer we have ever bought. As a matter of fact we are completely new to vaping but have come a long way in the week or so since we started. Feel free to ask any questions or post feedback in the comments or on Twitter. My name is @StonerCast and I’ll get back to you.

PS We cannot stress enough how the drier your herbs are the better and longer your vape sessions will be.

PPS I’m so sorry for not being able to see our vape-trails. I assure you they were really nice. If you want to see a quick 30-second clip of a great hit off of the Solo, check out:

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See ya next time

(Recorded on May 22nd 2012)

a d says:

any experience vaping hash with it?

turbohoodie says:


Big T McGee says:

The stuff at the bottom of your grinder that's what you make hash out of don't add it to the spent herb that's garbage throw it in your flower bed.

Bob Vagen says:

i hate it when mommy and daddy are passive aggressive

Renaissance People NYC says:

If you use weed that isn't ground up you won't need the screen!

Lora Heiden says:

You can use the used herb in edibles because you have decarboxilated it when you vaporized it

Biff Mifflin says:

Nice info. A couple of extra's, my Solo had instructions that told you to put a piece of cotton ball in the fill end of mouthpiece.When you have your tube inserted the the large fill end extends above the top of the solo. That was designed to hold the cotton filter, BUT…I like their idea better.
The 2nd thing is if you take your "roach" dope, crumble all together (crumbling is important), fill the tube and set to 6. You will be blown away with how much T you missed. You'll get the hint when you feel how much oil is on your fingers after crumbling

Jacquie Levasseur says:

Where can I get one? do I have to go downtown?

Antenna2heaven says:

you two are so cute.

Ingo Wisch says:

You can only make edibles with the leftover weed from the Vape it doesn't work to smoke it only in edibles man

7777Ralph says:

I wonder if this really conserves that much since it looks like a lot in the jar, used, over only 4 days.  Unless you use it every hour from morning till night, maybe it doesn't concerve as much as people think

Monk Stonk says:

just used mine for the first time yesterday. WOW! 10/10. piece is worth every penny!

Videos says:

i love this vaporizer it gets me seriously stoned. after like threebowls im gone


can you vape hash in it aswell?

Kyle Robertson says:

can you make brownies with the left over or cookies?new to vaping

Mona Chicoine says:

Yes, you should put a cap on the end to keep in the vapes.
2 caps came with my unit when i bought it.

Mike Amilcare says:

how do u turn the sound off?lol

Aj Obrien says:

the biggest thing i can think of is to vape your keef or wax/dabs/concentrate if available i put a small amount of herb on bottom then put straight keef on top and just kinda lightly press it down, tastes amazing and is really good medication technique.

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