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TVape shows you how to use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer and get the most from your botanical. Read on to find out more!

The Arizer Solo is one of the best-performing vaporizers you can get in this price bracket. The anodized aluminum shell is durable and strong, and the glass mouthpiece is terrific for retaining the quality of your vapor flavor. This TVape tutorial will take you through what’s included with the Solo, operation instructions, and more!

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Package Content 0:24
Sterilization 1:02
Filling the Heating Chamber 4:30
Temperature Settings 9:36

To find out more about the Arizer Solo, visit the product page here:

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draco5991rep says:

i have read that it is possible to consume hashish with the Solo how does it work?

Ryan Dontworey says:

Just bought this today it will be my first vape when it gets here pretty excited 👍

Ch Santos says:

how Long does it take yo charge

Eric Yu says:

this, zeus smite or utilian 651?

YippieKiYaayy says:

thanks mate! mine should come in the mail tomorrow and this had basically taught me what I need to know to get it going 🙂

R2D3 vadar says:

The most informative, concise and clear review! Well done, excellent job. Thank you. I purchased it! Any info yet on the hard case, or would a small pelican case do just fine?

10002k9 says:

Where can I get that VapeCase from? I don't see it on any website. And how do we know when it's heated up enough to the point where we can start using it?

Jordan Bernaski says:

hey I wanted to know if the solo has a mouth piece?

Michael HaZe says:

i just bought one i live in canada how long dose shipping take

Michael Erik Von Hartung says:

Metamorphic !!

William971 says:

how do you clean heating chamber?

Bill Buchanan says:

Great review.  Thanks.

Richard Powell says:

What is the best mouth part to use? Any recommendations? 🙂

Quisquellano26 says:

OK, I've figured out the trick to this Solo Vape, cause when I first bought it, i was not impressed with the vape amount or thickness–You have to fill the chamber only slightly more than half full! If you do this, you get about 3 or 4 super puffs which is really decent for a portable unit. 

G Henrickson says:

 Thanks SO much for making this great video with all its tips and "tricks". It is just what I needed to insure the best use of my new Solo.

boredkid444 says:

your gloves are sexy

hulmad says:

i love my airizer, if you're considering it, GET ONE! 

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