“Arizer SOLO” vs “AIR” Portable Vaporizer Comparison

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2 of the best Portable Vaporizers, Compared! These are 2 great choices for a new vape, let’s talk about some of the differences. Buy a Solo, CLICK HERE: bit.ly/ArizerSoloVapeLife & the Arizer Air, CLICK HERE: bit.ly/ArizerAir ~http://www.todaysbestvaporizer.com


R3DBAND’s Phantom Premium Review: youtu.be/abjvzarpKVs

Perry Fowler says:

"Right-On Man"! That's some good Med You puffed You Really got into-it a couple min's after your 2nd puff. Thank's for the review my Friend, i'm just getting ready to convert from Prescribed long term pain control med's to A much lower dose & supplementing to dry vape pain control med I've been looking at the new Grasshopper vaporizer … Check-it-out man, but my life-long friend recommends the solo or the new solo2 even now 2-1/2 years after you made this video personally it will be just for me & I really do like the Arizer Air & Grasshopper

Cappah says:

The Solo absolutely wrecks! Not tried the Air yet, but going by the standard of the Solo it will be on par or probably better. I've owned a Mighty and currently own other vapes like the Volcano, Silver Surfer, Magic Flight and Flowermate (Trash!) and I can tell you now that this is a solid unit and probably the best well built out of all of them (bar the πŸŒ‹) Support this company, their fucking serious about this shit and they ain't playing lol big up Arizer, big up Canada! Respect from the UK πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Guggy says:

u picking out a fucking dress dude.

M Man says:

At about 9mins in you say the Air does not run as cool as the Solo which would be a shame. Confusing though the Air is listed on the Arizer website as having 180c on the blue setting while the Solo has 185c on setting 2. Are you sure you didn't get them mixed up? Lol

voidremoved says:

I want to see a comparison of the 2 vapes.Β  I don't want to watch a faggot get stoned and bla bla bla.

MiddleClasshole345 says:

You are the chillest motherfucker.

Hard_Celery says:

Why are you using a hose?

Cattivello Co says:

I love your reviews man and i love bjj too…

7VlesSiah says:

I subscribed after you started talking about MMA. Very cool.

Higzy Teflon says:

Thanks to you; my mind's made up — I'll be picking up the Arizer Air tomorrow at THC downtown. Well made review video. Thanks.

K - LAWN says:

Both of these vapes are fucking amazing. You can't go wrong with either one.

Ankush Saini says:

Where do you train Jiu Jitsu? How long have you been training

Outlet says:

Nice review, very ture!! Β  nice logo btw Vape Life Baaabyy !

KraziAzian says:

So basically it comes down to is the size of the Air worth the $30 difference? For me it isn't since I rarely, if ever, vape on the go. Dope review man. I am glad this video exists cuz I just bought the Solo yesterday and was freaking out because I didn't know the Air even existed and thought I bought the wrong one.

Federico S says:

Dude… you are so hot

JoshTheBoss says:

Is it possible to smoke oils out of those? Thanks.

John Hill says:

I have never used a vaporizer that function in anyway better than an arizer. I have tried so many things inferior to any airzer product!!! if someone says "its good, it just produces a light vapor" what they are saying is, you won't get high. I should mention I use a lot and have a tolerance.

Manny OGK says:

You know that's next on the list

bijan2 says:

Do they sell glass stems with bigger bowls than the one showed there? Also do they have like a accessory where you can smoke wax from your Arizer Solo?

Erhony says:

Ohh man it's nice to see you speak from the heat, kind of more sincere and loving after u take the first hit after 1:33 , thats just a universal reaction πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work , peace !

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