Arizer V-Tower Weed Vaporizer Demo

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Ninami says:

I'm pretty sure you have set too high temperature on your vape. Vaporizing should not create smoke at all, that's the whole purpose of the vape, it's smokeless. Now if you use too high temperature you'll burn the herbs and create smoke, try using a lower temperature. 

Ascendant Nut says:

Hey guys just letting you know to vape on haha omg it sounds so stupid

iwentpostaI says:

You like wasting your weed.

dwyddle1 says:

get the one with the fan and bags way better!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Miller says:

what do you think of the new q 4.0? is it worth it? or is this just as good?

eldmcmno says:

Half a gram?!?!

Charles Williams says:

Great video. Nice note about the screen on the whip. U will get a mouth full. have both the dbv and the vtower. Both are good and do the same thing. But each has a qualitave signiture effect even with the same amount of weed!

fizzymojorider says:

@boulevardrecords chill

Falsechicken says:

Thanks allot man. Very helpful.

fizzymojorider says:

240p we meet again

Sammiehsdarkplace says:

@tritonobionico Everything in every aspect of the two vaporizors that I listed are better. Cleaner high, not so grimy, more fun, you get higher faster, and with less weed.

tritonobionico says:

@Sammiehsdarkplace why is better the SSV vs the Extreme? I need to buy a vaporizer but I dont know what model choose. What are your arguments?

Sammiehsdarkplace says:

@jamiesea Silver Surfer, and Da Buddha are the best on the market.

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