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Close Nika demos the latest innovations from Organicix, LLC, the Ascent Vaporizer by Davinci. The vape in this video is paired with one of the Essential Earth Blends, Passion, which promotes libido enhancement. With the Ascent Vaporizer launch right around the corner, Nika also demonstrates some of the new and exciting vaporizer accessories!

thomas thorn says:

just beautiful and smooth taste

Jon says:

since you guys don't sell it anymore where can i find Essential Oils to vape? please let me know. thanks

Melissa Lange says:

do you still sell the oil you used in the video to go in the ascent?

Quentin Remy says:

I bought the vape yesterday. What an error! A lot of electronics problem (press 4-5 times the button to light up the ascent, when I put the ascent in charge, it not works all the time). Now the taste, what is this fucking silicon taste? Seriously? And the odor? So bad! I will try to change it and have a Solo. Shame on you!

pau se says:

i have a pair of rubber lids and some small round filters… mind u tell me what they're for? thx

BrannigansLaw says:

Talk about some really annoying music.

Sean Hennessey says:

can only hear 60-70% of your voice, thx for sharing
xX music too loud Xx

Aaron Montez says:

I can't hear the info. Music is just too loud.

Green Remedy says:

the best portable vaporizer around the world! EL MEJOR! 😉

Swedish Holmberg says:

just bought this yesterday and today while removing the inner glass "filter" with my fingernail…chipped the corner of the piece..  How can I get a replacement?    im using the second one in the box but want another.   In the future I will push down from the top till it pops out the bottom enough to grab by hand.  

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

Hey Vapor S. Thompson! Check our accessories page:

Jesse Guido says:

My ascent is coming early next week. CANT WAIT! Also whats the song playing in the background?

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

Thank you for your feedback TevyeWill! We appreciate your opinion!

TevyeWill says:

music (however nice) was WAY too loud. Good info tho
Nice to see there's a water tool for the Ascent also
I'm so in Love with this machine…it's so hard to be objective and learn about other vapes

KentuckyOrDie says:


Bart doet er nie toe says:

Where is the smoke?

Maxwell Shepherd says:

That's cool seeing the adapter final product

DaveRock29 says:

so it isnt like an electronic cig? it doesnt produce much vapor

Macdawg347 says:



yes i here sounds, but your cute and nice to me. its okey to look at you every night, bfore i sleep see yeahhhh

CalisthenicTraining says:

How does it taste

pennywise247 says:

hahahaha smooth buddy

MrTruemassa says:

nice review you look nice also 🙂

Imran khan says:

concentrate guys concentrate


I asked a refund from toronto vaporizer im not buying this thing


t:+5 months

Gerafix says:

Dat on camera audio.

2vaped4u says:

Man this things never coming out. :'(

Vapor S. Thompson says:

I'm all over that water bong attachment part when it is available.

btbam666 says:

it would be cool if you showed how the glass add ons work as I am still kind of confused. How much does the add on cost?

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