Baby Bong | 10mm Bubbler for Dynavap & DaVinci IQ | GWNVC’s Vaporizer Reviews

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The Baby Bong (*not for babies) is the perfect way to add water filtration to your Dynavap or DaVinci IQ on the go! The Baby Bong is highly portable, but still provides significant conditioning to your hit, allowing for larger and cooler draws. The top features a shotgun hole so you can empty the chamber, as well as a loop that can act as an attachment point. Fill it to about 1cm below the logo, and keep in mind as you’re doing a test draw that when you have a vaporizer covering the intake hole the draw won’t be as intense, meaning that you can add more water than you expect. The water conditioned vapour is cool and smooth on the throat, a great addition for both Dynavap and DaVinci IQ owners!

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