Best 510 Batteries for THC Vape Cartridges (Top 5) | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Best 510 Batteries for THC Vape Cartridges (Top 5)

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These are the 5 best batteries I’ve tested for 510-threaded THC & CBD vape cartridges:

PCKT One Plus
* 660mAh battery
* 3 power levels
* Auto-draw & single button operation
* Pass-thru charging
* Fits carts up to 11.5mm
* 1 year warranty
* $59.95 retail

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Click here to order:

CCell Palm
* 550mAh battery
* 1 power level (3.7v)
* Auto-draw only
* Works with CCell TH2 cart (10.55mm)
* 30 day warranty
* $24.95 retail

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Click here to order:

CCell Silo
* 500mAh battery
* 1 power level (3.7v)
* Auto-draw only
* Works with CCell TH2 cart (10.55mm)
* 30 day warranty
* $24.95 retail

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Click here to order:

KandyPens C-Box Pro
* 390mAh battery
* 4 power levels (3.4v-4.0v)
* Single button operation only
* Fits carts up to 10.55mm (CCell)
* Lifetime warranty
* $49.95 retail

Use promo code STAYUP25 to get 25% OFF
Click here to order:

Jose Blanco says:

Cool Bro… not too much talk… cool music… straight to the point… great demo… who said you got to talk to make your point??? Who the fuck said that? Thanks man! Definitely be getting the second third one

Vercingetorix Avernian says:

He reminds me of Karl Pilkington lol

Murphy moe says:

Nothing much to show use your brains too

Denise Long Shiflett says:

PTCK one fit my marijuana carts?

Matt's Place says:

I hate these batteries I bought 2 of those and some carts didn't fit.

Robert Hady says:

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timothy miller says:

Not a single word said to describe these batteries. His videos are always on point. Maybe he doesn't care that much about these cart batts but ppl bugged him to do a vid on it so he did. (I'm guessing)

snails says:

I tried the V-mod a long time ago as my first magnetic 510 vape and it wasn't great, it broke within months. The CCell silo is an amazing vape though for a good price would recommend

FYL says:

Finally someone shutting tf up and just getting high af

Yosef Feiler says:

Why ur wax orange like straight orange… some hotdog water

Uranus Planet says:

He bobbed his head too much on 2nd one so its the best LMAO

Spider-Mang !! says:

Which one can I do my heavy hitter carts out of there the one grams

Joe Ruu says:

These are all the same type of vape all ccell magnets not a fan of any of these

Marvin A. says:

Y’all needa try a dab pen mod called the YoCan Uni it’s amazing 💯

CL4P-T P says:

Look at the oil

Ripp4Ripp says:

This is the dumbest review I have ever seen

Reed Turney says:

two of these five i have in a pile on the desk of non working batteries.. don't think they lasted a week or so.. and sorry but i do not want any more of these magnetic pieces of crap.. have to keep cleaning them for good contact and you still don't know if that's the problem.. .. anyone know of a nice pocket sized non magnetic for standard 510 threads; pre filled cartridges..??

Vape Hands says:

have to agree with most wasted 6 min. on my life without gaining any knowledge what so every…. take it down… useless video, might even be a little dumber after watching it…

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