BEST DAB PEN EVER! The Oozi Magnum

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In this video I review and go in depth to why the Oozi Magnum is my favorite dab pen! There’s so much about this pen that separates it from the rest. It’s a dual quartz coils pen, great for all concentrates. Its a discrete vape pen that no one could tell the different from this and an ejuice mod. Clout Products makes the best vape products!

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BEST DAB PEN EVER! Oozi Magnum Review from Clout Products

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BEST DAB PEN EVER! Oozi Magnum Review from Clout Products

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Esai Corrales says:

This is just what I was looking for thanks bro ??

Cassandra Carmona says:

How do you swap out the coils ?

Annoying Dog says:

Hey, i'm happy to see u have a youtube channel, i follow u from ur snapchat, do more pubs on snap !!

Ruben Galindo says:

Bro I’ve been looking for a pen like this for a while thanks for putting me on this just copped ?? for 52 dollars was on sale plus your promo code

bojorquez679 says:

Hey I wanted to ask for some tips on cleaning ? What do you feel works best ?

Dajahun Massie says:

How’s cleaning it

Foz Hernandez says:

Can you review the Yocan Evolve Plus XL

Ornayda says:

LMFAO this guy immune to thc or someshit? So fucking calm after taking all those massive hot hits, you're a psycho ? eidt: and it's probably only splashing cuz you're putting .5gs in a portable vape. On the lows this is a good review cuz you abused the full out of that thing and it kept clean and consistent

who am i says:

If I order this do I purchase replacement dome or do I have to buy the oozi dome kit

Peter Piccolo says:

hows the oozi stack up against the focus v tourist and the linx blaze, ot yhr utillisn 5, or the puffco plus, or lastly maybe the davinci as a smart vape… or how would you rank this with the gpen connect, which is more of a electric dab nail i guess… what are your recommendations im finally going to pull the trigger and want to be as informed as i can please help me out if you wouldnt mind.. thanks brothaman!

what would you recommend im looking for a heavy hitter that is very economical with the wax and hopefully flower consumption levels…

id love to hear your recommendation i got a cloud pen back in 2012 when i was still in college, got a ton of broken and clogged up pens, im looking for something quality but doesnt break the bank, yet also has a awesome flavor and gets you ripped, but uses only a small amount of wax and really gets the job done, how would you rank them if you wouldnt mind letting me know your opinion and if maybe you have heard of any of these wax pens and dab setups..


TaRgEt0ZeRo says:

.05 dab knocks me wtf is going on here

Donovan Natzke says:

Got this pen from a home boy, needed a quick run down of how it worked. Dope shit, definitely subscribing.

David Alan says:

Can you use this for rosin from a rosin press?

Manza says:

i’ve had you snap for sooo long now bro keep up the videos and getting stupid high lmao?

FlashViralNews says:


david ringler says:

In Pennsylvania is Prime Wellness the only sauce cart maker?

ad milano says:

Watching your videos while stoned is just another level

D Zero says:

How long on average is one of these gonna last me before I have to fill it with more wax

Aaron Fraire says:

I will definitely look into getting this on income tax. I have tried the Yukon vapes and even gigawax the issue I'm running into is I want that dab experience and also i have noticed that some wax tends to not get vaped on the very edge and it drives me nuts that it doesnt get vaped.

Tim Sims says:

Clout gang oozi gang

Naz Loera says:

I’m copping

Gaming Master says:

Can i use shatter
Or crumble


Shit looks fireeeee, smoking on some 24K Banana Cookies from Arkansas. Cheers Dawg!

Irma Ray says:

How do you clean it?

CrustStar Gaming says:

best weed channel on youtube, Jeff you are awesome man, love the videos

Nate Cox says:

Looks dope man??

Jesus Romo says:

You’re one lucky dude bruh this shit looks amazing bruh!

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