Best New Portable Vaporizers for 2018

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Which is best? Loto Lux, Ghost MV1, Milaana, Arizer Solo II, Arizer Air II, Dynavap “M”, Spirit, Puffco Plus, Linx Gaia: The hottest new portable vapes are in the hands of the Vapefiend and his expert panel of vaporists.

What will Callie Blackwell, Gremlin, Darren Vapescape UK, and the Vapefiend himself make of these brand new devices- find out in Best Portable Vapes 2018!

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Piet de pad says:

11:44 Some of the biggest clouds ?? 10:54 I see almost nothing, and that's a big rip.
However, great review!

Kareca Avel says:

Nice review Guys & Girl, cheers to all

Blank Steve says:

Which one is the vape of the year 2017 ?

VapeScape U.K. says:

Had a great day at vf thanks again guys

Biffobill 23 says:

My vote is for dynavap

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