Best Portable Vaporizer 2019 | Ranked Top 5 Reviews | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Best Portable Vaporizer 2019 | Ranked Top 5 Reviews

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Best Reviewed Portable Vaporizers 2019

See the top 5 best portable vaporizers of 2019 reviewed based on our personal experiences and aggregated consumer reviews!

When shopping for a dependable portable vaporizer, why listen to just one opinion? Red Baron Vapes made this ranked list of the 5 best portable dry herb vaporizers of 2019 based on our experience, rankings on major vape review sites as well as consumer reviews. Read on for more info!

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Davinci IQ:


Ghost MV1:

Solo II:


Vaporizing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for connoisseurs, medical patients and hobbyists and an array of options are available for all preferences and budgets. Here are our top picks for the best of the best.

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El Laabso says:

What about Fierce from Healthy Rips?



MrSkiloV says:

These comments seem a little fishy…..but thanks for the info….

Xerxes I. says:

How is the MV1 better than the FF2?
I have both and the FF2 is:
-much more portable, since smaller and lighter
-sleeker and has better build quality
-loading your bowl is much easier and much faster
-cleaning is much much easier
-heats up faster (barely 3 seconds)
-tastier vapor
-charges up to 80% in 20Mins (MV1 takes 8hours to fully charge)
-more reliable, since performance doesn't drop with lower charge
-lasts longer, since it has no smaller parts to break
-produces less odor

-bigger cloud (but only the first hit)
-less draw resistance
-glass mouthpiece (FF2 plastic)

Crystal Bates says:

Bee-Nails Go Bee pen! Load what you want and take it with you, easy to pocket because it is small. Choice of toppers, metal or quartz! Big clouds of flavor, quick to charge, replacement atomizers, easy to clean. This company also is a big supporter of Veteran's and also send wildflowers to plant for the bee's! We need our pollinators!! I love Bee-Nails. Small company with great values! They are ALWAYS sure that every single customer is satisfied. Shout out to Fort Collins, Colorado, home of Bee-Nails!

Jackie Chan says:

Can you do a comparison to the Zeus arc gt

Lis Nikoliqi says:

Lmao the bought comments

Frankie A says:

No Zeus Arc ?? I like it better than the mighty……🤷‍♂️

angelo gaeta says:

you forgot the DynaVap

Jamed Davis says:

There is a lot of hype about the Zeus ARC GT, how does that COMPARE against the Mighty?

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