Best Portable Vaporizer Review: Wispr, Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax and Atmos Raw

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Review for : Wispr, Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), Pax and Atmos Raw. See which vaporizer is the favorite for each of our vapebusters.

Russellwoot72 says:

The Atmos is terrible. Im sure everyone knows that by now judging by the comments. To be quite honest, the mflb is the way to go, reason being is that it has lifetime warranty, vapes better than certain 300 dollar vapes, or even home units, and the amount of badass accessories you can get for it is unlike any other portable, even better than davinci ascent. The orbiter is also really cool as well, though it is 80 dollars but it is worth it if your really trying to get it for your magic flight box. Also i know the only downside is batteries, but luckily you can buy more or even third party batteries that will last way longer. It comes with a tin box that you can easily fit a bunch of shit in, including your mflb herbs grinder and batteries, all while remaining in your back pocket.

Hieroglyphic says:

What an idiot she's holding the magic flight the wrong way and the grind of your material is horrible it has to be like a powder to work perfectly. Do you even understand how it works? Terrible reviews

Gareth Mitchell says:

I've got the atmos , it's like smoking a blunt as it burns the product,

Daniel P. says:

name of sound? xD 

Paul C. Reilly says:

Atmos Raw is an electronic blunt. It burns the flowers. You're getting smoke, not vapor. Please stop adding to the confusion by calling the Raw a vaporizer. NO2 vapir is actually the best personal vape IMHO. I own the Arizer extreme Q, I have a pen style, a Pax, a flight box, a vapir no2 and have used the Volcano. For personal use I use mainly the NO2. For friends and parties I prefer the extreme Q and for out of the house, Pax.

Elastic Official says:

Atmos shouldn't even be classified as a vape since it combusts the herb, it even says in the manual "Quasi Vape by holding the button for no more than 2 seconds". Quasi definition "seemingly; apparently but not really." Should have save my cash and bought the PAX like I was going to face palm

barekantspel789 says:

this was a really cool video. great idea, well put together.

Mugen1874 says:

back in my days we used to roll them 

Telkin the Xanax'd out Mall Kid says:

I think most of the people don't know that different vaporizers have different techniques.
I tried all exept the solo and I love the Magic flight launch box.The herb must be as fine as possible to achive a good effect.Or put kief in the trench.

Baby In A Manger says:

no2 Vapir puts them all to rest. It actually can vape.  Try to teach the asian girl how to inhale if she wants her acting job to continue in this sector,

allah clarkbar says:

i got the sutra, hated the go, mouth piece, love it with the halo

Dat Huy Richard Le says:

Pax really is the shit

therealmikebrown says:

BTW, the Atmos is just an electric pipe. Not a vape.

therealmikebrown says:

Pax is the best.
I have one, I know.

James Bromm says:

The atmos combusts it not vapes but I highly recommend it. Stealthy, big hits, and the battery holds a good charge. I suggest just packing individual hits rather than full bowls tho.

marpole8 says:

MFLB for the win. Hit it right and it treats you the best.

MrCrashBandicoot25 says:

I gotta say, the Pax is one awesome device.

TheHeavensReject says:

who's that rasta girl?

RetroFox says:

The atmos raw is not a vaporizer . its a combustion device

DualHelix5 says:

The MFLB is definitely the most reliable, especially when paired with the power adapter.  I've had pens before that were really dissapointing.

Justin Salsberg says:

Great review video! Love the idea of just regular folks, trying a bunch of vapes, and then giving their honest review and comparisons! Keep it up!  
One side note: The Atmos Raw (now called the Atmos RX) is not actually a vaporizer as it combusts the herbs inside. It functions more as an electric pipe, as opposed to a vape….. BUT.. as someone who still actually smokes also (not just vape) …i still love the Atmos!  But for those who want REAL vapor, Atmos is not for you as you will be inhaling actual smoke. 

Wickedashtray says:

roll up your weed in a piece of paper and smoke it. quit fucking around with the toys FFS. Keep it simple

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