Best Portable Vaporizers of 2018 (For Real)

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Highlights of the best portable vaporizers you can get in 2018. See full reviews on my site:

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The Vape Critic

Michl laust der Aff says:

Hey! Your vids help a lot! I have to get a vaporizer…50 years old, 20 years without weed know….I missed the beauty plants! Now, I need medical weed, because of copd and have to use a vapo. I'm oldschool…so have to choose between the Dynavape (10,7cm) and the Lotus. Wich of them make more steam and has the best taste??? You must be my man, after i look days and days all of your super clipsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
THX, greetings from germany!

Ian Duhon says:

im an experienced rig dabber and am sort of new to wax pens have a 100$ limit and have been looking at puffco, source, saionara and linx i want something that produces lots of smoke and can handle some bigger dabs but i also enjoy concentrate taste dont know what to go with or if a mod battery really matter. looking for help.

Markus Ulrich says:

I really appreciate the love you gave to the Vapman, it's one of my all time favorites; I own a Davinci IQ and I still find myself often using my Basic Yew Wood Vapman. My top 3 rotation has to be my HI Log Vape – Davinci IQ – Vapman. I only mess with replaceable batteries, plugins and Butane Vapes! Thanks for all your reviews!

Ganja Review says:

No Fog 2!??

clark davis says:

Where can I get a little shovel like yours?

maddutchy says:

I bought the starry a month ago, its my first vape and i really really like it. Great bang for buck, managed to pick it up for around 90 euro's here in the Netherlands. Love the design and build of it. And im a huge fan of the functionality of it and its portability. I can definitely recommend it to any one who is looking for a nice affordable introduction into vaping.

Gothead420 says:

This video is – amongst others – the reason why youre THE vape critic!
Awesome job, thanks for helping us patients decide!

mr drone says:

Can everyone please provide there non bs non profit opinions best portable vape mighty or ghost??? Vape quality being winner

Cheryl Phelan says:

Got my DynaVap OmniVong and love it.


Pls can you give id this trakcs <3

J Porter says:

Great channel..thanks for the reviews!

Carl Rodrigues says:

Have OG Vapcap,M,and a a MFLB,Flowermatev5.0 and a arizer extreme Q.Love Dynavap and the Q can't go wrong with that combo.

Martin Schmidt says:

Tubo evic is the shit. You forgot the fw 4 and the FLAM. Flowermate is a awful device.

Mateusz S says:

Vapcap M my love πŸ™‚

Stoop Solo says:

Interesting the Grasshopper is on this list; I remembered you not being that into it when you reviewed it. Have there been some revisions made to it?

nathan larson says:

Thinking about the Ghost but that Haze Square looks interesting. I also know a few people who swear by the crafty and Mighty. Which of these 4 would you suggest for 2 person use? Looking for cool, flavorful vapour.

Also, how many crucibles are included with the ghost?

El Jefe says:

My expert eye easily saw that the Sticky Brick Jr. had the biggest clouds.

WarCow says:

Can we get someone to make some new trap beats for Bud?

El Jefe says:

What about Mistvape Touch and Lil' BUD….LOL!
Lil' Bud should be a shoe-in since it bears the "Grand Puba's" name.

Paul Tollenaar says:

Pair the Vapman with it's companion heater unit. Much better!

M Stephan says:

A+ Video! Cool idea how you show the devices.

CannabisCultureTechLife says:


Reviews A+
Music Choices A+
Showing Cloud Power of Each Vape A+

Great job as usual

Side note, every time I see the Mighty I remember I need to send in my Crafty. It can't get past one bowl before getting too weak to continue usage :/

Tristan says:

Really like this & the desktop list!
Already own 5 of the vapes shown, but that haze square thingy looks REALLY interesting…
Could be really nice to show a group of smokers what vapes are capable of…

Marcel betances says:

Loved this video!!! Appreciate all the time and attention to detail you put into your work. Have the Ghost MV1 and after a little more than months use ive come to the conclusion that this truly is the vape ive been waiting for! Sold both my mightys. Who needs a session vape when you get have a monster like this

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