Best Portable Vaporizers UPDATE: DaVinci Ascent vs Pinnacle Pro 6 months on! (April 2014)

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The Vapefiend and friends revisit the best new portable vaporizers of 2014 6 months after their last review to see which one’s on top after 6 months use.

The original panel from the Best New Portable Vaporizers for 2014 video explain how the Pinnacle Pro and DaVinci Ascent measure up after a bit of time to get to know them. The Vapefiend also demonstrates the water tool adapters for the Ascent.

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D. Mc. says:

why wear a mask? do you not want people to know you vape?


Powerful hits? Is this a joke?

stéphane Perloff says:

Pour un appareil soit disant made in usa une vrai merde chinoise
batterie hs au bout de dix utilisation piece de rechange dure a trouvé
et vendu au prix de l'or au bout de deux utilisation déjà un led de mort
et ensuite au bout de 10 utilisation batterie hs les grille ne se
nettoie pas et le simple embout que l'on dois changer souvent car il
s'encrasse rapidement vous reviens a 25 euro rien que cela rend cette
appareil non viable autrement le principe était pas mal ! mais c'est de
la vrai merde ! vraiment déçu !!!!

Hilal Bilmece says:

şu pjlkğğ.pu😄

Cody Catania says:

this vaporizer is a piece of garbage taste like rubber or garbage does things not even worth $5 I wasted $150 on this I would have had a better time burning 150 then burning out of that vape garbage trust me no one buy it

Steve Clark says:

When's the syringe showdown??? This shit cracks me up! Why the mask?? Hehe!😂😂😂

Bryce4448 says:

What mm is that attachment you need for the f bomb with the da Vinci ascent?? 14 mm or 18 mm?? Thanks

Durty Gage says:

lol are you stupid!! never heard of "herbs of the gods" obviously you never been to a conscience dream shop in Amsterdam

DubAvenue says:

Buy the pinnacle pro was a terrible mistake. The inner corner broke while vapin resin. Seller and builders didnt give a single fuck …

Fred What says:

i mean this in a very nice way.  i promise… you are ridiculous

Wordy Thoughts says:

Isn't the water tool a bit redundant…and overall pointless…..just take two hits without it and its the same, the bigger the hit the more herb you just wasted, the more time your lungs are exposed to the vapor maximizes your high. Which means a higher number of smaller hits = far more effective than any amount of larger hits.

Oxygorjia X says:

Roman your a muppet!!! This isn't me in the mask you clown hrs a pom I'm Aussie. If he wants to cover his identity who gives a fuck you come here to watch a review. Have fun being a stooge wouldn't they be uploaded from my page??
I wrote a comment you dickhead

Bill Smith says:

My experience with the Ascent has been horrible.  Every Ascent I have received – now three – since the first two bombed out – the first one never worked right – the second one stopped recharging after about four months or so.  However, by far the worst issue is the foul odor that each unit had – the third unit was the worst.  The stench of black ink that was used on the manufacture of the plastic was horrible; HOWEVER, the issue is not simply the smell but, most important, the toxicity of the materials that are creating this foul stench.  Below is the corporate blow off that I received from the Ascent customer service team.  I expect the service member did his best however the corporate policy is self-serving and not customer serving.  The Ascent is a toxic product that everyone should stay away from.  I now have a $250 piece of useless junk from Ascent.

Why would the Ascent manufacturer have to use baking soda if there was not a foul stench that that they were trying to cover up???

Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 6:28 PM
To: 'Customer Service'


With all due respect, this sounds like corporate brush-off doublespeak.  You have no material data sheets regarding safety of the materials that could possibly substantiate the level of safety particularly regarding the dyes that are used in these plastics.  I have smelled non-toxic plastic – and there is no smell.  This odor is specifically due to the black dyes the Chinese are using – and it is these dyes that are particularly toxic – inhaling them is insane.  You are free to do an on-line search as to this grave concern about the odor issue from cheap Chinese materials.

I realize that you personally are bound by corporate policy, however, the bottom line is that the product Organicix is selling me a defective, toxic product and Organicix is refusing to stand behind their product.  This is a shameful corporate ethic.  Organicix has taken $250 of my dollars and provided me nothing.  Organicix has stolen not only my money but my time and additional monies in return shipping costs for three defective units – all with this toxic odor.  As I communicate with others about my experience with my Ascent including on Fuck Combustion, this will be the focus of my communication.

I am gravely disappointed by a product that I originally waited in great anticipation for several months.  I am far more disappointed by the Organicix the company that takes advantage of its customer for its own profit and does not identify and solve serious product related problems.


From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 5:05 PM
To: '

There isn’t really anything else we would be able suggest at this point besides to use it. The only thing I believe will relieve this smell would be use of the product. The materials that your vaporizer are not toxic and are perfectly healthy and safe.  These same parts that were used for your repairs are the same parts that your vaporizer was originally manufactured with when you purchased the device. The vaporizer is mostly made up of plastic and silicone parts which is the reason for the smell as all these parts are brand new out of the box. All the parts we use are tested and approved by the FDA for use and distribution. 

Thank you,  

Farzin Tooski

Consumer Relations 
[email protected]
Organicix, LLC
"Proud Innovators of the Davinci & Ascent Brands"
6770 Paradise Rd • Las Vegas, NV 89119
P: (702) 966-9969
F: (702) 616-9367

Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:36 PM
To: 'Customer Service'


I received my unit.  I do appreciate the care you made.  However, you are fighting a fundamentally losing battle.  The cheap, toxic black plastic can never be masked by a little baking soda.  Just the fact that you are having to go through all this effort with baking soda is the evidence that you are dealing with faulty materials.  The fact is that you should not have to do anything – there should be NO smell from the get go.  I am, admittedly, shocked and saddened that Organicix engineers and quality control have not sourced healthy materials – I would have expected this to be a corporate mission in light of the nature of the product they are producing.

Please note that as I opened the box, the smell is prevalent.  It is the same toxic smell somewhat reduced from what I gave to you.  If I leave it in the box, over time it will become worse and worse.  As noted, a little baking soda will not cover this level of toxicity.  I have learned the hard way as I have run into this before with essentially the same problem in which I waited for months for that smell to leave other black Chinese materials – NEVER happened even when left outdoors….  

This unit is not usable since it is toxic, unhealthy and unsafe.  Please advise on a solution.

Thanks so much

From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 3:18 PM


I’m going to hold on to it for another day. We’re going to keep it in a baking soda chamber that should remove all residual smells out of the vaporizer. I’ll even test it with some other herbs like lavender or sage to make sure not tastes are coming along with the vapor. 

Thank you,  

Farzin Tooski

Consumer Relations 
[email protected]
Organicix, LLC
"Proud Innovators of the Davinci & Ascent Brands"
6770 Paradise Rd • Las Vegas, NV 89119
P: (702) 966-9969
F: (702) 616-9367

imtehshit says:

Why so much hate on the mask? Would you film yourself committing crimes? Focus on the damn reviews people.

Thelonius Rausch Moran says:

Does the Atmos Junior count as a vape? I just purchased one and I actually very happy with it, very small and packs a great punch with both flower and concentrates

Vociferous Daew says:

We've found you out vaporfiend. We know who you are. We are coming for you.

Vociferous Daew says:

a bong you hook up to a vaporizer. wow, that seems absolutely useless….

Sigmundy Freud says:

the pb with the da vinci is the plastic around the silicon around the bowl when you put heat on at 190 or more the plastic work and let some texture to the vip after 5 round of battery it s very present not good and probably toxic . WHY DONT TESTING IT IN A laboratory ? 

Nick Seymour says:

he sounds just like a posh Westwood..?!

ryanhenry21 says:

This vs arizer solo? Which is best? And are they "true" vapourizers? Or do they burn the bud?

ryanhenry21 says:

This vs arizer solo?. What's best and are they both "true" vaporisers?

Eshref Vila says:

hahaha your hiding your face, thats pathetic bro

marctraider says:

Why is this guy hiding for some green flowers? LOL. Hiding from nature!

Weeler says:

why waste money on these stupid expensive vaporizers when you can build a nicer 510 thread vape pen with all the atomizers and different batteries for a fraction of the price and it will just plain work better and they are far more modifiable to the specific consistency of your concentrate  

Maxim Drobny says:


oxygojira says:

Wheres the link for the store to buy herbs?

Will Ward says:

This nigga over here  looking like  a super hero lol

Romano says:

Whats with the Hood u stooge

boba says:

you dont need to hide your face like you killed someone, you are not a murderer, you are just smoking weed

TimeSplittersChimp says:

what size is that water tool, I plan on ordering a DV and the Water tool plus the F Bomb from your website this week but need to know what size water tool fits the F Bomb and DV

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