Best Test ‘Sesh 4 YoCan -Evolve plus XL

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This is my normal feeling for YoCan products. Glad I didn’t have to completely give up on them. This evolve Plus XL with quad coils in a ceramic dish. Came with a bunch of little goodies! Redemption for YoCan in Why’s World!
Please hit me up in the comments. What is your favorite portable vape product? Let me know below.

Darci Sanchez says:

I just bought one from a local smoke shop it was the last one!! He said they won't be getting them anymore, he said the city won't allow it but I'm so glad I got the last one!! I can't wait to use it its gonna be my first time doing dab!! I can't wait!! Did you figure out how to lower the air valve yet cus if not I can help you out with it kk giirl let me know!! Enjoyed the video thanks love😍

rasho16v says:

can i put any mtl rta on yocan xl battery?

TOMA Therealdeal says:

I just got one of these it’s fucking sick of the bottom of it opens up to review a small container to put your concentrates I had no fucking idea until yesterday

Tasha S. says:

You helped me so much. I have several illnesses and this flows so nice now to I get everything in it lol.

LiL Cali says:

HiYa Did U ever try to smoke herb in this and does it work well?

Earl Rogers says:

Millenial pink?? I love it…
You're awesome

Laser Tech Services says:

I bought one of these direct from China and it just got here. It works great for getting rid of my pain. It is much quicker to use and faster acting than drops. I used it for the first time today and holy crap did I cough. I was waiting for a lung to come flying out of my mouth. How long do you normally hold down the button? I'm hoping to reduce the amount of morphine I take by using this. Back pain sucks!


Is it still working good?? I'm getting mine in the mail tomorrow.😄

Jerome H. says:

Fun review… You're a gem… 🙂

MejaInMemory says:

Maaaaaaaannnnnn. I love your videos!! I've been watching videos lately trying to find the best herb/concentrate vape and it is SO fucking refreshing to watch someone who is REAL and honest.
I'm looking for something that gives a good cloud but doesn't waste herb, ceramic oven…. uhh. Decent battery life and that will go between dry n any concentrate. ..if there's no stellar vape like that I'm willing to buy one dry & one concentrate. It seems like you have a knowledge base and I'd love to hear your opinion 🌻 p.s. I feel you on the health issues. it is possible to heal yourself (to an extent) through healing past mental/emotional trauma. I once laid on in bed for 3 years in agonizing pain with back issues, fibro myalgia, depression/bipolar disorder and after years of nothing (not even weight loss) helping I did about 3 years of internal/energy work on myself and I don't even recognize the person I used to be in terms of emotional and mental state. I haven't "cured" myself fully at this point I'm at a point in my journey of dealing with navigating food and how my body reacts to different things. .. anywauysss. I know how taxing it can be to be in pain… I just wanted to let you know that you are perfect and have the power to do anything… And if that sounds like bs mebbe you don't believe it 😉

Daryl Mcalister says:

So is there anything better than this one? I hate how it tastes burnt sometimes

Dan Hill says:

What happens if u put dry herb init?

RJ says:

Lol I have scoliosis as well and my shoulder blades are so not even at all, so I fed understand girl. Also good review!

stephen buckham says:

Your hot nice video

Jordan DeFelice says:

For the airflow. Just twist the metal part. Those notches stop it from twisting around completely.

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