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This vape pen is been working really well, it’s easy to take on the go, smell is toned down but still noticeable, it’s made of all metal so the quality is super durable to just throw in your bag and take with you. I’ve used this pen for 2 months now and has been such a useful tool and super convenient to use, you just grind up some bud, throw in the tube upside down and twist and hit, it’s also mess free, it comes with a cleaning kit which is a breeze to use. I have no complaints at all. It even lasted up to 5 or 6 hits in a full pack and a pusher to make sure it uses all the herb. I’m just in love with this Yocan Vape pen and if you wanna grab one for yourself you can find them at…

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Gil Sanders says:

Sweet video. I've never use those before. Is it better the blunts.

James Battista says:

im from oahu Hawaii, and tried some "24k" from a dispensary we have here FINALLY, and all i have to say is this vape pen is one of the best gifts ive ever gotten. It takes bud smoking to a whole new level. its a bong hit with out the bong, just BADASS! ! ! And coils can be bought at vape stores all over the freakin place . Much MAHALOS TO YOCAN TECHNOLOGIES! ! !

G Daddy says:

Hopefully you don’t find this comment stupid, why is it you don’t remember how to use it fully, but claim to have used it for months and said how good it was?

Heather Steele says:

Buyer beware.. I was charging the pen and about ten minutes later I smelt something burning, it turns out it was the charger started melting It was buring hot and actually melted the plastic on the charger. FIRE HAZZARD

EJ Drac says:

Thanks for this video. I just bought one of these and it's my first vape ever

Free Spirit says:

I tried to get one and it's sold out 🙁

Benjamin Orne says:

just ordered a blue one, cant wait to try some green dream in it, which im smoking right now😀… exelent bud for those suffering with social anxiety.

Desiree Powers says:

Is that synthetic marijuana? Or can you use real?

Dana Lear says:

I used mine for the first time yesterday. Like Honeybee says and contrary to the title of the review, it's not a vape pen. It combusts: it's a pipe, and the material tastes burnt. If you're not used to smoking, start with very small puffs. If you haven't bought this yet, buy a vape.

Mike Stirewalt says:

The coil didn't go out . . . you forgot to push the button five times to turn the coil on.

Ivan Ramirez says:

if the coil dies where can I buy another coil?

Ivan Ramirez says:

is vapor smoking healthier than fire smoking it.

Kathie Carter says:

I just received this pen today. I have never vaped dry herb before so I found your video awesome. I do vape ejuice and have been for about 7 years now. My pen came with no instructions and your video worked wonders. I am almost 62 and my state just legalized marijuana last month yippee!!! The good ol days are back but now legal!!!

Justa Bunneh says:

I'm learning all about this stuff before I try any cannabis, and I've gotta say. You have such helpful informative videos. Thank you for sharing!

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