Best Vaporizers of 2016

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What do the AirVape XS, KandyPens Gravity, Boundless CFV, Source Nail, and Pulsar APX have in common? They each made our list of the Best Vaporizers of 2016! These vape pens and portable vaporizers have reached excellence in all areas including design, usability, and performance.

The AirVape XS holds a special place in the vaporizer world as an affordable vape that nonetheless boasts elite level dry herb vaporization, precision temperature control, ease-of-use, and a sleekly discreet design. Flat, lightweight, and palm-sized, the AirVape XS allows you to toggle with precision your favorite vaping temperatures, a rarity among portable vapes, and features a combustion-less vapor path with a ceramic heating chamber and all-glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece also features a screen which cools vapor off before you take a hit. For such a cost-effective vaporizer, you get just as much value as many higher-end options.

A space-age design, advanced atomizers, an elevated airflow system, and a temperature controlled battery make the KandyPens Gravity a wax pen among wax pens. Ideal for vaping wax on-the-go, the KandyPens Gravity features a ceramic atomizer for slow and low hits and a quartz atomizer for small, flavorful draws. Both atomizers improve upon technologies found in earlier KandyPens vaporizers. The elevated airflow system prevents clogging and leaking with airholes and a sealed bottom that stops the common problem of wax dripping out onto the battery. With four optimized heat settings of 300F, 350F, 390F, and 430F, excellent vapor production, and a discreet, sophisticated design, the KandyPens Gravity is one of the best wax pens in the vaporizer universe.

For dry herb vaping on-the-go, the Boundless CFV offers a unique experience. With a full convection heating system (not found in most portable vapes) and an innovative heat retention system, the Boundless CFV delivers the vapor purity of a desktop vaporizer in a hand-held unit. You can choose precise temperatures between 140F and 446F. The heat retention rings, made of quartz or wood, manipulate heat in a few curious ways that display in the vapor production. The wood ring prevents conduction and imparts on the vapor a woody flavor, while the quartz ring promotes conduction to deliver intensely flavored, fuller hits.

The Source Nail combines the power of a dab-rig with the portability of a wax pen in one souped up e-nail. The unit comes with three atomizers to choose from–ceramic, quartz, or titanium–each delivering a new way to experience waxy oils. The powerful sub-ohm 40W battery packs a punch, allowing you to choose precise temperatures up to 400F. And the all-glass bubbler and dome attachments deliver unadulterated flavor and aroma on-the-fly. With the Source Nail, you can carry the dabbing experience with you wherever you go.

At just $60, the Pulsar APX offers many of the features seen in higher end portable vaporizers at more than half the cost. An ample sized ceramic herb chamber provides low temperature vaporization of dry herbs. 5 optimized temperature settings make it easy to quickly toggle through the ideal temps for the most common strains, and a 40 second heat up time leaves you ready to vape whenever you want. This rich feature-set combined with a compact, easy-to-conceal build makes the Pulsar APX the best vaporizer for vaping dry herb about town.

SirSly420 says:

you suck for not showing how those devices function.

Andrew Oransky says:

Vape nation.

Kinder Schok says:

great review brother. i ve been wanting pax 3 for so long but you made me change my mind ;p

lau S says:

I never heard these!
And subscribed!
Now I have to see the rest of the channel! Hope you continue to put out content. It's great how many people are vaping and not smoking. I didn't expected it to be better in every way. Never smoked since.

PERICO 3.5 says:

Atmos "Ruva" vaporizer 👍👍😎

Sean S. says:

Are you not a fan of the Firefly 2?

h3r5h3ych0c says:

Hold does the Pulsar hold up? And complaints?

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