Best Weed Vape: Mighty vs Solo II

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In this video I compare and review the two BEST portable weed vapes. The Storz & Bickel Mighty VS The Arizer Solo 2

The Mighty $296 with all accessories (code SBMEXTRA):
Solo 2 with 6 free stems (Code SOLO2MP):

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mavruss1 says:

Damn it Troy! Stop making me hungry with your food references LOL You like to cook? If so, check out Food wishes. That guy has some really good recipes

Dante Rioux says:

I've had a Mighty for a few years now and I love it! Watching this video I'm not sure if I would get the Solo. especially since it has glass, which will break sooner or later and then you have to spend a lot of money to replace.

LaheyRS says:

Great video keep it up dude

Kenta WBN says:

best reviews man =D greetings from germany, allways if someone ask me about vapes i show them your videos and a hour later they know what they want. Keep up the great work,

Addison Tharpe says:

Just put a screen in the solo??? Yea??

MrSen5e says:

Greatest review I've seen for a vape comparison

Ano Nymous says:

real art of reviewing – getting ultra stoned while providing valuable comparison information 😀 this is great suffering 😀

93atab says:

i'm the type that likes to vape the weed thoroughly black. would you say that either one requires stirring for that consistency?

squall6789 says:

Pro tip for the Arizer straw…. Once it's covered in that vape honey inside, boil it out in milk, remove the glass, and chocolate, drink and get fucked uuuuup.

Steve D says:

Your reviews make my ribs hurt from laughing so hard! Keep up the good work!

Aquarius--Leo says:

I have the OG Solo and the Mighty and have each for 3 and 2 years respectively. I use both extensively and theres so much to say about both of them but overall I love both! Mine are both a little worn but their both going strong!

david sid says:

Hey Troy, if you only had 1 vape and you did 3-4 sessions a day would you pick the Mighty?  I saw your video on cleaning it and it takes a fair amount of time.  Seems like it would need to be cleaned every week or 2 based 3-4 sessions a day?  Thanks.  Love the videos.

kill-A-gram says:

27% thc?! that's straight up heron bruh

The Hedonist Club says:

Great work as always Troy ;-D 10/10

Mitchell Garner says:

Yoo what about the Arizer Air II?

idostuffhigh says:

Amazing video man! 👍 Love how you need to prepare yourself everytime before you're going to take a big hit from the Mighty. Mighty at 410 is killer. Literally takes your breath away. 😂

Oliver 35481 says:

I have a suggestion for a video, you showing us how to make edibles with the abv, like your bbq channel

Tony G says:

Bro can u make a Mighty vs Crafty vid? I keep hearing how good the Mighty is but its so big. Want to see if the Crafty would be just as good minus battery life. I also heard the Crafty breaks down twice as much as the Mighty

Tony G says:

As always great vid. Quick question. You always say the Mighty is the best vape. I keep thinking of getting one but it looks so big. I have an azier air ,vivant and a boundless cfx. My question is this is the crafty as good as mighty as far as quality of vape?

FrostIceSnowTilIglow says:

11:41 <3
Fluffy fluffy, vapes are puffy,
like a cloud, no need for inside out,
niggeeeeeh 😀
And then watch this on 13:56 its a Troy,
Just please dont destroy,
His awesome ForTwenty Vapezone
Or u cant see him all alone,
Bitch :3

ShilTube says:

Hey man! Great vid thanks alot! I was wondering if you know about reliability & customer support differences between these two. I'd really like a headache-free vape lol.

A Howard says:

Great review, really informative and fkn hilarious. I'm still undecided, bloody decisions, I hate decisions!

Pedro Matoso says:

go nighty nighty for 12h is the bomb

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