Black Mamba Vaporizer Review – Best Value Dry Herb Vape

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The Black Mamba! One of the most highly anticipated machines that Namastevapes has ever seen! This dry herb, conduction vaporizer, with a very interesting design and even more interesting mechanics, has taken the vaping world by storm and here is one of the first looks at this new step in innovation.

What’s really excited people about this vape is the full ceramic chamber with a hidden, removable glass stem that is in the mouth piece. Normally, vapes like these go with plastic, but Black Mamba found a way to incorporate the ceramic-glass vape channel that many people say add a tremendous flavour.

With its sleek, elegant and rounded design, complete with a soft, elastic finishing around the hand grip, you can tell that this was a vaporizer designed to be used. USB charged, the Black Mamba uses 5 different temperature settings to give control to the user to maximise efficiency, and the full chamber can be vaped on even the lower settings, so it really is up to personal choice, many are however recommending the middle settings.

The Black Mamba, like many conduction machines that focus on flavour, really are a sit down and enjoy kind of vape, not the kind of thing you carry around all day, but even still, on a full charge, the Black Mamba can last hours, which is impressive to say the least!

Get on board with this cheap but flavourful little device that people are comparing to top shelf products but at a much lower price! If you have an appreciation for simple and effective designs that don’t cut any corners, especially on taste, then I think the Black Mamba might be for you! Even for beginners, there’s not a lot understand how it works. It relies on the same concepts that all other vapes use, but elevated, and I think that’s why the Black Mamba is going to be one of the vapes to remember for a very long time to come!

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Remember folks, Keep Calm…Vape On!

Steve Newbert says:

How much does the chamber hold, gram/half gram,???

Siddhartha Gupta says:

Hey Kory, how many times can it be used after one charge ? Also is the battery replacable ?

valveman12 says:

Got mine from Namaste Vapes today and I really like it. I have other vapes that cost 4 times as much and this one can hold its own with them. A bargain for a great herb vape.

Devin Olson says:

Great video. This helped me so much to make my vape Pruchase!

Izabelle Des. says:

Just ordered mine… can't wait to try out !! 😉

Jojo Lambo says:

How do you change the temp

eccentricoldcow says:

Just bought a black mamba and having no luck with vaping at all.Nothing comes out except a horrid taste No clouds of vape at all I assume you dont have to press the button to activate it, as I couldn't see your fingers touching this. What is wrong here?

Vapor Barato says:

Hey Kory, I just got one Black Mamba from Namaste Brasil. I noticed some minor aesthetics differences between mine, and the one in your video, and in some others videos as well.
My BM have black details (button, ring between mouthpiece and chamber) instead of silver ones, as in your unit.
My unit also don´t present the Black Mamba Writing above the charger indicator, just "H" logo.
Then I ask you, do you know why mine is different? If you want to check some images of my devide, I'll leave the link down here:

Masika Mahabir says:

Help! Love it but suddenly it will only light up 3 lights out of 5 instead of 5 out of 5.  I can't change the temp setting.  I'm trying to press it 1.5 times but I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong.  Someone please help, advice?

Rob Rodriguez says:

Probs a dumb question but when you put herb in the chamber can you vape some and leave the rest in for later. You don't have to vape it all in one go?

Yo Yo says:

Namaste Vapes … what does the flower look like after vaping is it actually worth £50 or should I save for a gpen elite .Thanks !!

Shayan Manghi says:

The question is does it get you high ?

Lol0905 says:

would you recommend the black mamba over the xmax vital?

workwithksmusselman says:

Love the Mr. Rogers theme here. ROFL

ron says:

Hi Kory, it's really hard to believe someone with that sweather, white shirt and the tie is wearing a ring on their little finger, but what the heck, nice review.

Mike Fox says:

Hi Kory, gpen elite or black mamba, which one is better?

richard abraham says:

Can you let me know when I can buy one

Mike W says:

Looks like a combination of the evoke and gpen elite, but it seems you can pick one up at cheaper cost. If it is has an isolate air path and made with safe materials, this might not be a bad introduction unit for this

Hubs88 says:

Very nice design, a lot like the G Pen Elite, but I can't find any info on it except for this

Dan Ashcroft says:

How much is it and how does it compare to the G Pro Elite?

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