BOUNDLESS TERA V3 [PRODUCT REVIEW]: Dual-Use Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Today we’re going to learn exactly what makes the Boundless Tera vaporizer one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers. In this video, we compare the Tera with similar devices to show you the exact features that make it great. With that, here’s a quick overview of this video:

You may have heard about Boundless Tera. But where does this portable dry herb vaporizer fit into the rest of the Boundless line? We give you a brief overview of Boundless Technology to provide context about their latest vape.

Next, we show exactly how to use the Boundless Tera from temperature control to features and accessories. Then, you’ll learn all the Pros and Cons of the Tera vaporizer with comparisons to some of the most popular portable vaporizers out there.

Finally, we’ll teach you just how easy it is to maintain the Boundless Tera with some advice on spot cleaning and mouthpiece breakdown. And before we end the video, we’ll summarize what Boundless Tera brings to the table.

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TERA Product Features | Questions Answered
00:00:24 – Boundless Brand Overview
00:00:39 – Boundless Product Line (CFC and CFV)
00:01:11 – How to Control Temperature
00:02:37 – Contents & Accessories

TERA Pros and Cons | Price/Product Comparisons
00:03:15 – Pros and Cons
00:03:29 – Vaporizer Comparisons (Pulsar APX)
00:03:41 – Convection Vaporization Explanation
00:04:15 – How to Vaporize Concentrates
00:05:20 – Boundless Customer Service
00:05:40 – Vaporizer Comparisons (Storz & Bickel Mighty)

TERA Maintenance & Cleaning
00:06:15 – How to Spot Clean
00:06:23 – Mouthpiece Breakdown

TERA Recap and Summary
00:06:40 – TERA Summary
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chifulyator says:

But what about efficient? Is bong or joint makes more powerful effect than this one? And how much stuff need you to use? The same as in classic bong or joint?

And thank you for video!

Raisinlove334 says:

This review is pretty useless if you don't specify which version of the Tera you're using.

420vapezone says:

wut. high temp for weed with more moisture?

VapeLife Will says:

I’d hit. 💨

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