The Vapefiend and friends revisit the best new portable vaporizers of 2014 6 months after their last review to see which one’s on top after 6 months use. The original panel from the Best New [More] – Learn how to engage the precision temp mode of the DaVinci IQ in this video. Click to watch now. First, turn on unit by clicking the control button 5 times. If your device [More] Watch the latest comprehensive video on the best practices when it comes to cleaning your Ascent Vaporizers. Try to keep a pipe cleaner and the proper solution on hand.
We bought a Fake Da Vinci IQ. Some of the parts were noticeably different, some were spot on. ————————————————————————————————————— Check our blog for a full comparison of the Da Vinci IQ: Join us on [More] Watch this detailed ascent vaporizer review video on how to unbox, load, setup and use this glass on glass vape. Learn more about vaping various products, controlling the settings and getting the best possible [More]
A time tested brand, we are looking at one of DaVinci’s bigger successes, the Ascent! A great model that is portable, elegant and powerful, and is a personal favourite by myself, Kory, over here at [More] – Let’s take a look at DaVinci’s 3 vaporizer models and find out which vaporizer is right for you. Click now to see video. The DaVinci Classic, the DaVinci Ascent and the DaVinci IQ. [More]
My brand new DaVinci Ascent failing on power up.
Hey there folks, it’s Namaste Kory back again with another YouTube video about all of our favourite pass time: Vaping. Today I’m going to be looking at something a little bit different: today we’ll look [More] – Learn how to load and unload your DaVinci IQ in this video. Click to watch now! To load your IQ, first grind your loose leaf material. Open the bottom lid of your IQ [More]