The Ghost MV1 is an on demand vaporiser for herb + concentrate. I get my hands on the black stealth edition to find out what the hype is about.
In deze video probeert Lieve (BLOOMystic) de nieuwe Ghost MV1 verdamper. Een vaporizer voor wiet en concentraten met een modern en futuristisch design. Een innovatief luchtpad zorgen voor een zijdezachte damp-ervaring waardoor de draagbare Ghost [More]
Finally, the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is here! To be honest, it looks awesome! A little bit like a vaporizer from the future, do you agree? How does this full-convection on-demand vaporizer work? Watch our review [More]
Learn how to use the GHOST MV1 and all its features to get the best performance from this full convection, on-demand vaporizer for use with dry herb and concentrates, from
Welcome to our video on how to get the best performance from your Ghost MV1 when using with dry herbs. A step by step guide to loading your crucible, selecting the temperature settings and using [More]
Hello Hello and thanks for watching! These are my first rips with the MV1. Feel free to ask any questions. Link to The MV1: Link to our MV1 Review: MV1 Video Review: [More]
The new Ghost MV1 Stealth 👉 Still the best portable vaporizer 👉 Stay up! -Bud The Vape Critic
We’re taking a deep dive and doing a full Ghost MV1 review today. 🛒 here: Canada 🇨🇦: USA 🇺🇸: Australia 🇦🇺: The Ghost MV1 has made a huge splash in the vaporizer [More]
Taking a look at the Ghost Vapes MV1 device this week – this vaporizer uses convection heating and we’ve been putting it through its paces over the past week to get to know the ins [More]
Win a Ghost MV1 here: The Ghost MV1 is a large handheld vaporizer that is designed to be a powerhouse for delivering session after session of potent vapor. The true convection vaporizer is built [More]