ghost mv1 | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
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We had the pleasure of working with Tommy Chong the other day at Dank City in LA. Happy to say he’s a fan of the MV1! Here’s a behind the scenes clip from our day [More]
The latch on my stealth edition broke. This has been a known issue and Ghost vapes have made some slight changes to the outsides (cosmetics) of their vaporizers. Lets hope that these changes have solved [More]
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some people had problems seeing which vaporizer was being used so i labeled it here… after much procrastination i finally decided to do my comparison video on both vaporizers! i really wanted to show what [More]
Here, I explain how the concentrate setting works on the Ghost, explain a bit about the efficiency, and demo a session with 0.02mL of Black Mount Kush RSO (CO2 extracted). This vape is definitely a [More]
I start off by introducing myself, the technoHippie, and give some initial thoughts and tips, followed by a quick demo. Short impression of YEM by Rythm from my friends at The Clinic Mundelein. Then the [More]
Dank voor het kijken. Comment Like Subscribe (^_-) In deze video kijken we kijken naar de ghost mv1 vaporizer. Ook gaan we testen en een snelle overview van het apperaat. Voor vragen of feedback laat [More]